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Any time you do opposing camera angles, there's gonna be some compromise in the lighting. ---->>>

For me, I believe comedy's about taking risks, taking chances, working in a safe environment where you're comfortable making a fool of yourself. It's so critical, especially in comedy, to just have all those right pieces in place. ---->>>

I think it's not uncommon for new television shows to spend certainly the first year, but without a doubt, like, the first eight or ten episodes, kind of figuring out what the show is. ---->>>

If the setups take too long, you wind up losing momentum. Momentum is very good for comedy. Not having to do eight setups in a single scene and have it take five hours is very good for comedy. ---->>>

The pilot is a sales tool; it introduces you to the characters and might set the template for what the show is meant to be, but there's so many boxes you have to check off on a pilot that it can sort of hurt the storytelling in a way. ---->>>

I think your average fan probably just assumes that the same person directs every episode of their favorite series, week in and week out. ---->>>

I had done a directing producing job before on 'Big Day' and 'Jake in Progress,' and those are two shows where I directed the pilot and stayed with it in series. ---->>>


Michael Spiller profile (michael-spiller.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 08-01, 1961
Birthplace: New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation: Director

Michael Alan Spiller (born August 1, 1961) is an American cinematographer and television director. Spiller has directed on numerous series and has also served as a cinematographer prior to directing and worked frequently with Hal Hartley. He was a regular director on the HBO series, Sex and the City where he also served as director of photography during the first four seasons (wikipedia)