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The School of the Art Institute is an extraordinary teaching institution by the fact that it believes that active studio artists are good teachers. That may seem an obvious statement, but in higher education, it is often the student's course evaluations that win the day with administrators. ---->>>

Location is all about the efficiency of work for me. ---->>>

Artists who take on curatorial activities have the advantage of negating the professional hurdles and limitations comprising institutions. ---->>>

I am a huge fan of Sheila Hicks. ---->>>

I hope to make the process of producing my take of the Biennial a transparent and interesting one for artists. ---->>>

The whole experience co-curating the Biennial was a learning experience. The Suburban and The Poor Farm are not institutions. They are not by design, organized around power structures. Because I am someone who thrives on delineating context, seeing up close the inner workings of the museum was not wasted on me. ---->>>

I need to be working with the art world in N.Y.C. as much as I need to be working in my studios in Chicago and rural Wisconsin. ---->>>

Contemporary curators orbit in the place of distribution and consumption, and less and less in the space of artists. I think it has become a lazy profession in regard to its relationship to the artists and the vigorous state of art making. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1962
Birthplace: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Occupation: Artist

Michelle Grabner (born 1962 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) is an American painter, conceptual artist, and curator.(wikipedia)