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Graphic novels are such a visually creative world - it's really interesting what they can do in one sketch. Now I'm hooked. ---->>>

I'm not surprised that I tend to go for the dark side. I was a really scared kid, so I think I understand what scares people. ---->>>

I did every odd job you could possibly imagine: Holding a sign in the rain for 14 hours straight, sweeping up cigarette butts, pouring coffee, running around - anything I could to be on a film set. I wanted to be in the business. So I'd say, 'You need that job done? Fine,' and I became indispensable to people. ---->>>

Sometimes I forget to say 'cut' because I am so lost in the performance. ---->>>

After I directed for the first time, I wanted to call every director I'd ever worked with and apologize. In television you are tasked with shooting 42 minutes, or whatever, in eight days. That's not a lot of time. ---->>>

I love the dark comedy in 'Breaking Bad.' ---->>>

I seem to gravitate toward the dark side of things when it comes to directing. I love action, but I love the drama as well. ---->>>

In 'Breaking Bad,' we have a lead character who definitely finds himself in a situation he would never have expected to find himself in normally. ---->>>

The type of producing that I did for many years involved working very closely with directors. ---->>>

I always say that AMC hires filmmakers, and they let them be filmmakers. ---->>>

I love television. Television is a great medium; I'm fortunate enough to direct amazing television. ---->>>

In general, we like to shoot Breaking Bad like a modern day Western, and Sergio Leone is one of my all-time favorite directors. ---->>>

A montage is incredibly challenging. When I can, I'd like to know what the music is going to be ahead of time because that will affect the beat, the pace of the montage. ---->>>

'Once Upon a Time in the West' is one of my favorite films. ---->>>

My feeling is, from when I started on 'Breaking Bad,' there's no reason to pick and choose because every episode is great. Whatever episode you get, you're lucky to do it. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Director

Michelle Maxwell MacLaren is a Canadian television director and producer. She has directed episodes of The X-Files, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Westworld. MacLaren won two back-to-back Primetime Emmy Awards for producing Breaking Bad in 2013 and 2014.(wikipedia)