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Most of my cousins are boys, so I'm used to being around boys.

Most of my cousins are boys, so I'm used to being around boys.

I just believe that sometimes in life you're like a shark - you have to keep moving through water; otherwise, you'll die. ---->>>

I like to hang out with my friends, go to the theatre, watch DVDs, read, play with my niece. ---->>>

I've never been a social bunny. I thrive on work. ---->>>

Working on new projects gives you the opportunity to learn and absorb new things. ---->>>

I've always loved the guitar. You see Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar with his teeth, and OK, you know you're never going to be able to do that, but I always wanted to play an instrument of some sort. ---->>>

If I am not working, I won't wear makeup and I will wear flats. ---->>>

All that celebrity stuff isn't me. It's just not acting. ---->>>

I adore water, so it would be a real adventure to visit the Amazon before they chop down all the trees. ---->>>

I love doing action; I love doing martial arts. There's almost something balletic about it. ---->>>

I was bullied. I was a bit of a geek. Good-looking guys were off-limits. I didn't start dating until I was 18. ---->>>

When you fight on set, you try to not hurt anybody. ---->>>

When I left EastEnders, I could have earned an absolute fortune from sexy calendars, shoots for lads' mags, fitness videos and reality shows. But I always turned them down. ---->>>

I toned down my accent at school; otherwise, people would pick on me. ---->>>

The whole dream of having your own place is great, but the reality is having to cook and clean yourself and do the washing and make sure there's milk in the fridge. But you have to grow up some time. ---->>>

'Bionic Woman' changed direction too much from episode to episode, which I think is why it lost momentum. ---->>>

'Bionic Woman' really enriched my career. It was a big, amazing thing to do. ---->>>

Doing the same thing day in, day out. It's just so boring. I like to jump from different things. ---->>>

For me, once I've worked on something and it's finished, it's like an ex-boyfriend: you don't go back to them. ---->>>

I just don't know anything about jazz, really. I've never really listened to it, but I'd definitely like to discover more about it. ---->>>

I really like Billie Holiday's husky voice, and I'd definitely like to find out more about her. ---->>>

If I wear make-up, then people recognise me, but the rest of the time, no one really bothers. ---->>>

Money doesn't drive me. ---->>>

Obviously I'm not a violent person; I don't like violence, but I would definitely go into defending myself if the situation arose. ---->>>

Soaps are a great springboard for any actor but if you want to be taken seriously, you have to be careful. ---->>>

Sometimes in life, random things can blind-side you. ---->>>

I think it's so important as an actor that you hang on to your own inner compass, because so many people want to guide you - 'This is what you should you be doing'. But I want to do different things. ---->>>

I was shy and really into my school work and my drama. Then I joined 'EastEnders' at 16, and it was work, work, work. You become very isolated. I rarely went out and so didn't get to meet anyone. ---->>>

When I was ten, I saw 'Grease' on stage and thought: 'I want to be part of that; it looks like so much fun.' My mum enrolled me in a local theatre group, and it all went from there. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 04-22, 1984
Birthplace: Enfield, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Actress

Michelle Claire Ryan (born 22 April 1984) is an English actress. She played Zoe Slater on the BBC soap opera EastEnders. In 2007, she starred in the short-lived American television series Bionic Woman. She appeared as the evil sorceress Nimueh in the 2008 BBC fantasy series Merlin, and as Lady Christina de Souza in the 2009 Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Dead" (wikipedia)