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The writing process, it's too mysterious to try and describe. ---->>>

You don't have to always write about big stuff. Writing is about expressing yourself, you know? It can be about small stuff, too. ---->>>

Rock n' roll means so much more to people; it enriches the culture. Also, it inspires people; there's no half-feeling. When I first got into it, I was inspired by people who had come before me, and I found myself in the position of handing that on. ---->>>

A defining moment takes a long time to get over, if you ever do. ---->>>

I was never really a virtuoso guitar player per se. ---->>>

The groups I liked, you really looked forward to their albums and you rushed to get them the first day, because you knew it was going to be different than what they did before. The records told you what that group was into at that time. ---->>>

I've never moved. I've never ever wanted to. ---->>>

People will write whatever they want and make up whatever they want anyway. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 12-27, 1944
Occupation: Musician