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Big plays are such a huge factor in the outcome of games. It is so difficult to go the distance on a defense. ---->>>

The team that gets to play to their plan is usually the team that has the most success. ---->>>

The domestic violence policy has been given to our players. My personal view is there's no place in our society for it. I think, especially with the emphasis and education that's out there now, let's hope better light will be shined on this area. ---->>>

I think success is the biggest challenge you have to handle in the National Football League; that's something we talk about a lot. ---->>>

It goes back to my childhood. I never expected not to win. It's about winning. Winning's fun. ---->>>

The reality is, if you're going to have a defeat on the road, Week 1 is probably the best time to have it. ---->>>

I understand how success is judged and calculated in the coaching profession. That's really all I care about. You go about this business a certain way. Everybody has a certain style and opportunities that are presented to them during your career. When it's over, I'll be judged by that. I care more about the people I work with. ---->>>

I worked at a place that followed a system where the quarterback was taught to take the sack rather than force the throw. That's kind of an old-school theory, but it has existed in this game. ---->>>

Preseason football is hard to evaluate. It's never going to be clean for the quarterbacks. You have to overcome the ugly plays and be productive. It's a component of leadership that is necessary. The guys that make it in the league survive that. ---->>>

Really, I learned a long time ago that in the National Football League, paper doesn't mean anything. Football teams are created on the football field. ---->>>

Throwaways are OK. When a quarterback throws the ball away in our system, that's a plus. That's a plus decision. That's the way I've always graded it. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-10, 1963
Occupation: Coach