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We believe in personal choice, rather than society dictating how we must live our lives. ---->>>

I wouldn't change anything. I think that it's important to let things happen, and stay 'happened'. I think that's all part of the learning curve, part of fate. I'm just glad that it happened. ---->>>

We were called The Toilets originally - we were flushed with success. ---->>>

It's not like I'm taking 20 grand from the shows. I mean there's no record label, so this is a genuine thing. And I think most people can see that. I think that anyone who knows me, knows I do things with integrity. ---->>>

I would say you feel a lot more pressure at a national tournament than a state tournament. This is more of a fun weekend out with the guys. The national tournament is more business. ---->>>

It breaks my heart to see these young, really talented bands getting chewed up into the system. I remember a time if you'd signed to a major label it was such a sell out! But now... unless you've signed to a big label, you're a failure now. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 02-25, 1959
Occupation: Cartoonist

Michael Bartley Peters (born October 9, 1943), better known as Mike Peters, is an American cartoonist, who draws editorial cartoons and the comic strip Mother Goose and Grimm. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where his mother, Charlotte Peters, was a local television personality with one of the earliest TV talk shows, interviewing film stars and politicians as early as 1949 (wikipedia)