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I like to take out the recycling because I actually feel like I'm doing something. ---->>>

Protection of religious freedom means considering the faiths and beliefs of everyone involved. ---->>>

Whether I'm reading a national publication or one of my local Chicago newspapers, I don't need to turn too many pages before I stumble upon another scandal. Not only do ethics violations deteriorate the public trust, but they also disrupt and undermine legitimate debate and policy. ---->>>

I am committed to working towards a more transparent, accountable, and ethical federal government worthy of the public's trust. ---->>>

Our Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights to ensure that We the People could determine how best to protect our communities. ---->>>

We can't allow ourselves to descend down the rabbit hole of unbridled partisanship for partisan sake. ---->>>

I introduced the Transparency in Government Act, a multi-faceted transparency bill that would bring unprecedented access and accountability to the federal government. ---->>>

Anyone who has ever asked for directions knows you need two crucial pieces of information to get good results: a starting point and a destination. ---->>>

When you have a high-volume magazine or an assault weapon, you're not hunting deer or protecting your home; you're out to hunt people. ---->>>

We need to replace hyperbole with a reasonable, informed discussion about how to reinvent the federal budget with more transparency and better accountability. ---->>>

Too often, advances in civil rights or women's rights are undermined by wrong-headed legislation or weak-kneed political leadership. ---->>>

I'm a longtime believer in the old adage that sunlight is the best disinfectant, particularly in politics. ---->>>

There is such a thing as commonsense middle-ground gun reform, and most gun owners support it. ---->>>

As the largest contributor to the United Nations and funder of international family planning, the U.S. is in a unique position to continue to lead the global agenda and place reproductive health at its core.

As the largest contributor to the United Nations and funder of international family planning, the U.S. is in a unique position to continue to lead the global agenda and place reproductive health at its core.

As a husband and a father of two daughters, I want young women around the globe to have the same rights and opportunities as my daughters. ---->>>

Before being elected to Congress, I oversaw the Cook County Hospital System as a Cook County Commissioner for 10 years. ---->>>

During my time in Washington, I have become increasingly frustrated by the power held by the gun lobby. ---->>>

Empowering women by allowing them to choose when and how many children to have is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. ---->>>

Ever since I arrived in Washington in April 2009, I have been fighting for more transparency and accountability in government. ---->>>

Growing up during the Cold War, I remember the seemingly imminent threat of nuclear war. In primary school we were taught to 'duck-and-cover' for protection. But even as children hiding under wooden desks, we recognized the inadequacies of this strategy. ---->>>

Scaling back the U.S. fleet of 14 nuclear-armed submarines to eight would maintain a robust deterrent at sea while generating billions in savings and easing pressure on the Navy's shipbuilding budget. ---->>>

Just as we can no longer pretend that ducking under wooden desks will keep us safe from a nuclear bomb, we must no longer pretend that a large nuclear stockpile will protect us from the most immediate security threats the United States faces. ---->>>

We can be just as safe with a smaller, more efficient nuclear arsenal at less cost. ---->>>

As a policy maker, I have to stand up for the rights of all my constituents, regardless of their faith. ---->>>

From high school, you can see my Sierra Club card - I've been a member since 1979. That gives you an indication of early interest. ---->>>

The people of Chicago have made it very clear that they favor sensible restrictions on gun ownership. ---->>>

Honest to goodness, Brian Campbell, he was holding the Cup, and there was no one around for a minute. He says, 'Hold this for a second.' So he hands it to me - one of the best moments of my life. ---->>>

Ironically enough, why I got into politics is because I came to the conclusion that if you wanted to save the world, which in my mind was through the environment, those elected officials seemed to be the ones who made a lot of the important decisions, if not the most important decisions. ---->>>

Opening up the Capitol dome and giving the public a look at the inner workings of Congress - however messy they may be - certainly won't be pretty. But trust isn't earned by showing off only your Sunday best. The dirty laundry has to be aired, too. ---->>>

I don't buy that there's nothing we can do to stop criminals and the mentally ill from killing if they want to. ---->>>

I spent 10 years fighting for reform in Cook County, and I didn't change my DNA when I got to Washington. ---->>>

I've seen it with my own eyes: When government takes money from the poor and the middle class, everyone suffers. ---->>>

My outspoken positions haven't always been popular in the halls of Congress, but they have been rooted in what I believed was right and necessary. ---->>>

Just the circumstances of being in D.C., people give you books, and there are issues you want to learn more about, so you are tearing into as many as you can. ---->>>

Passionately defending one's principles is crucial. Representing your district is fundamental. But refusing to entertain the common ground - with no other cost but giving the other guy a political 'win' - is a disservice. ---->>>

Since 2001, I've done what every elected official should be doing in government right now. My staff and I took a look at the books, thought outside the box and proposed reforms. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-17, 1958
Occupation: Politician