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Anything over-handed, I do left-handed. Like throwing a ball or serving in tennis. Otherwise, right-handed, like writing and shaving. ---->>>

I punch left-handed. ---->>>

I spent hours as a kid on the putting green of the local golf course imagining I was sinking a putt to win the Masters. ---->>>

I was not great behind the counter. I had a week off without asking for it. Another time, we had a cart go up in flames, and we went out on another cart, which we wrecked by running it into the cart that was on fire. ---->>>

A lot of my buddies also played golf, but when it came to going to the beach or on the boat and chasing girls, they usually went that way and I went to the golf course to practice. Sometimes they'd come from the beach at dark to pick me up at the course. ---->>>

A lot of my buddies also played golf, but when it came to going to the beach or on the boat and chasing girls, they usually went that way and I went to the golf course. ---->>>

I had two older brothers, so I was always competing with them. The guys I grew up with on the golf course, when I was 13, they were 15 or 16, and I was always trying to beat them. ---->>>

The beauty of golf, you're in charge out here. ---->>>

Canada is hockey. ---->>>

If I can raise more money for charities, or get more Canadian kids to play golf, the green jacket will mean even more. ---->>>

This golf course, you miss a shot a little bit off-line, it's going to bite you. ---->>>

I actually had a Bobby Orr action figure. You could put the pads on him and skates and all that. I was 7, and he was still playing. ---->>>

The Masters is one of golf's greatest traditions and Augusta is one of the best courses in the world. They are synonymous. It's an event that every golfer, and golf fan, looks forward to. ---->>>

You just don't have the time to worry about what others are doing. You just want to take care of your own business. You are focused on that tee shot on the 10th tee and making it to the finish line. It's one of the most stressful moments in professional golf, but you have worked so hard to get to that point, that it really is fun. ---->>>

Becoming the first Canadian male to win a Major Championship, especially being the Masters, was a dream come true. ---->>>

If I thought I had hurt my chances of winning another major just because I was chasing money around, I'd wind up kicking myself. ---->>>

Playing hockey, there were a lot of guys bigger than me, so I knew I was going to get hit and have to deal with it. Gotta hit back. ---->>>

As for my country, I don't live there, but obviously I'm very proud to be Canadian. ---->>>

The course is going to make you look silly sometimes. You have to be able to accept that and move on. ---->>>

I have a lot of offers to play for appearance fees. It's nice gravy, but it's not a big motivating factor for me, to go here and there just for money. ---->>>

The fame aspect of winning the Masters... besides being married and becoming a father, that's a strong third there. ---->>>

When I'm on with my putting, I'm as good a putter as there is, probably. ---->>>

You can be six behind on the back nine and still win the tournament. ---->>>

The only other time I can recall my dad getting upset at me was when I missed a hockey practice. My parents were away, so my buddy and I decided to skip it. I never told my dad about it, but he found out from the coach. ---->>>


Name: Mike Weir
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 05-12, 1970
Occupation: Athlete

Michael Richard Weir, CM, O.Ont (born May 12, 1970) is a Canadian professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He spent over 110 weeks in the top-10 of the Official World Golf Ranking between 2001 and 2005. He is left-handed and is best known for winning the Masters in 2003.(wikipedia)