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The more insecure you are, the more prone you are to create crises. ---->>>

With the most powerful binoculars, I cannot see Alaska. ---->>>

Understandably, no peace can sustained when people continue to suffer from hunger, lack of jobs, lack of basic public services - and most of all - lack of opportunity or hope. ---->>>

We must create the Georgia that our ancestors dreamed of, the Georgia that we dream of. ---->>>

Keeping small nations enslaved because of the deals between the great nations or because of any pragmatic considerations that might have been there are totally unacceptable. ---->>>

I promise not to become a source of shame for you. ---->>>

Solidarity was the best thing which happened in the 20th century. ---->>>

Well, killing me makes no sense because Georgia already has a Western-educated political class. ---->>>

I have good relationships with Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden and especially Richard Holbrooke - he is my teacher. I learned a lot of great things from him. ---->>>

Georgia does not need Russia as an enemy. ---->>>

For the first time in 15 years, Georgia this winter has its electric power guaranteed without deficit. This is a historic achievement. ---->>>

Georgia is not just a European country, but one of the most ancient European countries. ---->>>

It is time we Georgians did not depend only on others, it is time we asked what Georgia will do for the world. ---->>>

First and foremost - our vision for a united and peaceful Georgia is based on respect for the desire - and respect for the right - to South Ossetian autonomy. ---->>>

If Russia shuts off central Asia and the Caspian Sea from Europe, the European allies of the United States will be totally dependent on Russian gas and energy. ---->>>

I admire American ideas. ---->>>

We have not created any sort of democratic test for any nation. ---->>>


Mikheil Saakashvili profile (mikheil-saakashvili.jpg)
Born: 12-21, 1967
Occupation: Politician

Mikheil Saakashvili (Georgian: მიხეილ სააკაშვილი, IPA: [mɪχɛɪl sɑɑkʼɑʃvɪlɪ]; Ukrainian: Міхеїл Саакашвілі; born 21 December 1967) is a Ukrainian and former Georgian politician. He was the Governor of Ukraine's Odessa Oblast (region) from May 2015 until November 2016, and was the third President of Georgia for two consecutive terms from 25 January 2004 to 17 November 2013 (wikipedia)