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My sisters and mom raised me to respect women and open doors for them.

My sisters and mom raised me to respect women and open doors for them.

I just try not to subscribe to the ways of celebrity. I'm not a celebrity, I'm a working actor. A lot of the events - the parties and the premieres that people go to to get noticed - I'm just not into. I'll hang out with my friends, go see punk shows, read at home. At the same time, I have a production company, which is a lot of work. ---->>>

Enjoy every moment. ---->>>

I'd love to hold a koala. They sleep 22 hours a day, eat eucalyptus leaves and just hang out. I want to spend some time with that guy. ---->>>

Sometimes I'm an ass, sometimes I'm sweet as peaches. ---->>>

I was used to playing misled youth, rough-and-tumble guys. It was nice to get back to a big-hearted, warm and gentle soul, a guy who is destined for something a lot larger than he ever expected. ---->>>

I'm a homebody, I'd rather be in the kitchen cooking than hanging out in a bar. ---->>>

I'm happy to be on a show that's bridging that gap of 'Okay, I'm not a teenager anymore, I'm a man.' ---->>>

I'm tough on the outside and soft on the inside... I'm really a shy guy. ---->>>

You have to pay attention to the work on the page and make it as good as possible because it could be your last. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-08, 1977
Birthplace: Anaheim, California, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Milo Anthony Ventimiglia (; born July 8, 1977) is an American actor. After a series of recurring television roles including the protagonist on the short-lived Fox series Opposite Sex, he landed his breakthrough role as Jess Mariano on the television series Gilmore Girls, on which he appeared between 2001 and 2006 (wikipedia)