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Children are so creative and imaginative that they just bring you to life all over again.

Children are so creative and imaginative that they just bring you to life all over again.

I can cry at the drop of the pin. But comedy is hard for me; it's the timing. ---->>>

Money's not important to me. Movie star acknowledgement is not important to me. I don't want to be a big studio actress. I don't want to be in the limelight. ---->>>

I grew up mostly with classical, big band, and a lot of Irish music - I really didn't start listening to rock and roll until I was maybe sixteen. ---->>>

A few months after graduation I was working in films. It took off pretty quick. ---->>>

I do have the freedom to choose what I want to do and I'll continue to do that. ---->>>

I truly believe that God brought this, Dorothy Day script to me, because for a long time up until I was in eight grade - I wanted to be a nun. ---->>>

There are a lot of battles to face, and if I didn't have that religious core - that base to turn to - I would be truly lost. ---->>>

We have a world that is searching for answers, that is searching for a way back to spirituality. ---->>>

But what I like to sing mostly is blues and cabaret style. ---->>>

I did everything I could to stay in college and pay my own way, so I think that if success hadn't come so quickly, I would still be pursuing it. ---->>>

I find nothing wrong with the naked body. ---->>>

I've been told before, and I tend to believe it, I'm not like most actresses out there. ---->>>

An audience is going to be able to find a little bit of Dorothy in themselves and relate to this woman.: roles like Dorothy Day are so rare in Hollywood. ---->>>

Growing up Catholic has been a gift.

Growing up Catholic has been a gift.

Now I listen to all kinds of music except rap, which all sounds the same to me. ---->>>

We're not all called to be Dorothy Day. ---->>>

My dream is to eventually open a children's theatre. ---->>>

Nudity... I have to say I will never do it again. ---->>>

They used to say I was a younger Winona Ryder and that always made me laugh because I'm three years older than she is. ---->>>

You know, I like playing around with my voice and trying all different types of kooky voices. ---->>>

I never had to pound the pavement and really struggle after college. ---->>>

I used to babysit a lot, and I used to be a nanny. ---->>>

First of all - I only believe what I see. ---->>>

Hollywood is a world all its own.

Hollywood is a world all its own.

I don't even own a television. I'm proud of that. ---->>>

I get a lot of recognition for my voice. That always surprises me. ---->>>

I think to be in politics you have to have the taste for blood on that. ---->>>

I'd love to have the opportunity to sing in a Disney movie. ---->>>

I went to Marymount College in New York City with a lot of kids whose parents paid their way, and I wouldn't even have thought of asking my parents - they couldn't afford it, not with six kids! ---->>>

I just want the opportunity to continue to do great films, play great characters and work with great people. ---->>>

I just wanted to be married and to be happy ever after. ---->>>

I like to go rock scrambling. ---->>>


Moira Kelly profile (moira-kelly.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 03-06, 1968
Birthplace: Queens, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Moira Kelly (born March 6, 1968) is an American actress. She is best known for portraying Kate Moseley in the 1992 film The Cutting Edge, as well as single mother Karen Roe on the teen drama One Tree Hill. She is also known for playing the role of Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, replacing Lara Flynn Boyle in the prequel to the 1990 TV series Twin Peaks (wikipedia)