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Regret is not a proactive feeling. It is situated in disappointment, sorrow, even remorse. It merely wishes things were different without an act to cause a difference. However, repentance is different. Repentance is an admission of, hatred of, and turning away from sin before God. ---->>>

Through prayer, fasting, and studying, God will answer. ---->>>

We live unto Him, so committing our service to the Lord is the first and foremost priority of our lives. We can start with our reasonable service: prayer, studying, fasting, tithing, fellowshipping, and witnessing. ---->>>

Giving is a really big thing around Christmas, as well it should be. Christmas is about giving, and it all stems from the greatest gift the world has ever received - the gift of Jesus Christ. ---->>>

It is obvious that God is looking at the heart when sacrifices are given to Him. He takes no delight in those who give up things for Lent and then act like it's such a struggle to perform what they said they wanted to do for Him. ---->>>

God is looking for clean hands and a pure heart. ---->>>

True love does not only encompass the things that make you feel good, it also holds you to a standard of accountability. ---->>>

Those who operate through the Holy Spirit are more equipped to resist temptation. ---->>>

Jesus sowed good seeds into the lives of the people He touched. His walk was humble, meek, giving, and forgiving, and He taught His disciples to be the same way. ---->>>

It may seem like we have the ultimate plan for our lives, but it's not in the same galaxy of what God's plans are for His people. ---->>>

Jesus' sinless life was given as a gift to the world - the ultimate gift. Some would receive Him, and others wouldn't. Nonetheless, He continues to be our gift, and His life and death makes it possible for His children to receive eternal life with Him. That's a reason to give God glory. ---->>>

Many of our choices have led to the predicaments we are presently complaining about. ---->>>

A 'real pastor' is not preaching of their own; they are speaking what God put in their heart by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is using them at that very moment to speak to the congregations situations -past, present, and future. ---->>>

Peace is a gift that is embodied through the Holy Spirit through the acceptance of Christ. ---->>>

The word of God is very important to Christmas. For unto us a child was born, and we should be reminded of how Christ's amazing journey came to be. ---->>>

God is using people to accomplish His work, of saving souls, but we have to remember that it is not us doing the work. It's God using our vessel. ---->>>

Voting is a right that has been given to every American; however, as Christ followers, our votes should reflect our God. ---->>>

You recognize the truth because sometimes it's hard to swallow, but if you hold it in your mouth, refusing to eat it, you are going to choke. ---->>>

Pray for someone else's child, your pastor, the military, the police officers, the firemen, the teachers, the government. There's no end to the ways that you can intervene on behalf of others through prayer. ---->>>

There is a lot to celebrate about that little Babe who was laid in a manger. Christians celebrate Christmas because they are thankful for the promise of salvation, which was delivered in human flesh and named Jesus. ---->>>

Jesus was humble when He walked this earth. He had all power, yet used all meekness. ---->>>

We have all been guilty of complaining, but God does not look at it as lightly as we may think. Complaining was the reason the Jews ended up wandering in the desert for forty years. If we were more grateful for what God has done for us, abasing ourselves would not be a problem. ---->>>

As a child of God, our whole reason for existing is to give God praise. What a testimony to give in a difficult situation. ---->>>

It's easy to praise God in the good times, but what about when the storms of your flesh are a-brewin'? Not so easy then! ---->>>

Luck really has nothing to do with human existence, since God is not a random God. ---->>>

As a Christian, we can't stand on the sidelines with no team jersey or team colors to show our allegiance to Christ. ---->>>

Being afraid to tell the truth because of the projected consequences, whatever it may be, shows a lack of faith and an abundance of fear. ---->>>

Complaining is an insult to God. ---->>>

Even though, there are many who describe themselves as Christian, most do not heed to God's word without subjectivity. ---->>>

People tend to say Christians are always judging, but the word of God convicts Christians and urges them to obey God's commands. ---->>>

The Bible refers to the Word as 'the sword of the Spirit.' What battles are you not winning if you are not equipped with your sword? ---->>>

When you get a hankering to talk or complain about what you gave up for Lent, replace that hankering by speaking the word of God. For all the times you would have done the activity that you gave up for Lent, replace it by reading the word of God. Christians should always be drawing closer to God. ---->>>

Believe it or not, when you fast in the Spirit, God makes you more equipped to deal with hunger, irritability, and temptation. ---->>>

God has given His children a love that is so great in Christ that the world can't touch it with chocolates, roses, or diamonds. ---->>>

God is so unique in giving His people ways to fellowship, witness, and remember what a mighty and merciful God He is. ---->>>

Heaven is a very distinct place, where only God's elect will go. It's the place where the only One who deserves any glory lives and reigns. ---->>>

Holiness through Christ's Spirit is the accountability every Christian should be striving towards. ---->>>

I'm not going to tell you to meditate on what Christmas really means and be thankful. ---->>>

It's only through Christ that we can take full advantage of God's mercy and forgiveness through repentance in Jesus' name. ---->>>

With the right to vote, our choice should be for the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us. ---->>>

We will never accomplish what God wants for our lives unless we stop making excuses for ourselves and pampering our flesh. When we get into seemingly impossible situations, we have to remember - it's not about us. ---->>>

Forget the conspiracy theories! God gave us the right to vote, and He gave the United States, and all of its citizens, freedom through democracy. ---->>>

The word of God is a Christian's instructions for life. God speaks to us through His word, so we cannot constantly be running on empty. ---->>>

There has never been, and there will never be, another human who will be more successful than the humble Teacher, Jesus Christ. ---->>>

Writers do draw inspiration from their own lives, which, quite frankly, might be more interesting than fiction. ---->>>

Your example should be stellar among your friends, associates, family, teachers, co-workers, and other Christians. ---->>>

Christian children should be taught at an early age that everything they receive is because of God's grace and love. They will grow up more appreciative and begin to understand that they, too, must have a relationship with Christ. Christian children should also be taught how to give. ---->>>

Give up pride for good during the holidays. This is where I've been especially stubborn. As I walk more and more in this path of Christianity, I see that letting my guard down and admitting that I don't want to be alone is far better than dealing with me, myself and I, who always seem to want to keep up appearances. ---->>>

It's a shame that so many people are so intimidated and bothered by Tim Tebow's stance as a Christian. He's not bothering anybody. He's simply being who He is and giving all glory to His Lord. ---->>>

Resolutions are a wonderful thing if we can keep them, but many resolutions go by the wayside because we have not done anything different with our mindset. ---->>>

God knows and sees all. His wisdom and knowledge far outweighs mankind, and whether or not people ever recognize it - He is the creator. He is the giver of life, and only He has the power to take it away. That's why its imperative to submit to Him. ---->>>

It seems, by today's standards, that it's better to seek approval than to tell the truth. It's better to utter sweet nothings than to boldly say something of substance. ---->>>

Jesus went to the cross for sins He didn't commit. Hello! You can carry a grudge just thinking about that, but don't do it. He knew what He was doing. It was His choice, and He did it willingly. It was the will of the Father, and He always did the will of God without complaint. So what is it that we have to complain about? ---->>>

There was a time, in the not so distant past, that if you didn't have what you needed on Thanksgiving, you were pretty much going to have to wait until Friday. Not anymore! ---->>>

'Doing your own thing' and being a Christian is an oxymoron. As Christians, every day we need to be presenting ourselves before the Lord, thanking Him for His mercy and asking Him to make us more like Him by emptying us of our will, so God's will can be done. ---->>>

It's funny how we 'do' Christmas. Christmas is not something that we do, it is something that was done. It celebrates the long awaited arrival of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. We had nothing to do with it, but what we can do is praise God for the coming of the Lord, who washed away the sins of the world by dying on the cross. ---->>>

Repentance allows God's mercy to come forth because it recognizes that the sin committed was against God. It also bares contriteness of the heart and the desire to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh so that particular sin will never be repeated. ---->>>

Singles have goals, responsibilities, deadlines, events, and friends that occupy their time, as well they should. Nonetheless, before any goals are achieved, responsibilities are fulfilled, deadlines are met, events are attended or friends are visited, God's purpose should be accomplished. ---->>>

The lusts of this world leads us to fulfill our carnal need to be accepted, but as children of God we are already accepted by a Heavenly Father who is over and above all things. ---->>>

It's disheartening to write goals from year to year, looking back only to see you are in the same place. You can make so many promises that you get sick of yourself, but what is it that God can't do? ---->>>

Make it a point to choose the right backer, make your investments wisely, and do the work of the Lord which guarantees exceeding and abundant eternal benefits. ---->>>

We glorify God with all of our members, but in most cases, our mouths seem to get more opportunity. So it just goes without saying that we can dishonor Him with our mouths as well. ---->>>

When you are in church, it's always good to carry a pen and notepad to jot down the scripture text, reference scriptures, and sermon notes. When you come prepared with notepad and pen, you are able to feed off the scriptures from the sermon throughout the week, while asking God to open up your understanding for a deeper illumination of the word. ---->>>

Jesus is coming back for a church without a spot or a wrinkle. His righteous blood covers the spots and the wrinkles of those who believe unto righteousness, allowing once sinful men to be holy. ---->>>

When you are submitted and committed to the Lord, you will look forward to Jesus coming back, and not even an earthquake or Hurricane Irene will be able to shake you from the love of Christ. ---->>>

God is never on the sidelines of His children's lives. He goes before them. He leads them, guides them, protects and saves them. ---->>>

Learning from the past helps to ensure that mistakes are not repeated. ---->>>

No holiday, no job, no amount of money, not even my own security can mean more to me than my love for God. ---->>>

A Christian's celebration of Christmas should be a lot different from that of nonbelievers. ---->>>

During the holiday season, Christmas specifically, it can be hard to be away from family and friends. ---->>>

Though monetary compensation may never add up, teachers can rest assured that they are important. ---->>>

Christians are not in bondage to do things as the world does, and moreover, the traditions and rudiments of men are not necessary to honor God. ---->>>

I have actually had to ask my supervisors not to curse in meetings or in general in the workplace. ---->>>

If you need help, look to clergy who do not spout their own beliefs but direct you in sincerity by using the Bible. ---->>>

A Christian without a God who hears them? That's not a place that one who truly serves Christ wants to find themselves. ---->>>

As the word 'tolerance' grows in popularity, tolerance for pure, unadulterated Christian doctrine appears to be shrinking. ---->>>

Can a secular artist be used as a vessel to bring souls to Christ? Of course... this is God we are talking about! ---->>>

There's a loss of autonomy that comes from not being able to own the wealth you've earned. ---->>>

Christians are commanded to pray in the name of Jesus. It is not a practice reserved just for personal prayers, or prayers rendered in church. ---->>>

Christians are to love their neighbors as we love ourselves. ---->>>

Christians need a time and place to sanctify themselves. It's important to take the time, and early in the morning is a wonderful time to do it. ---->>>

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is still loving on His people. ---->>>

If we constantly give God the glory, then we don't have any glory to keep for ourselves. ---->>>

Jesus' love for His children continues to be the greatest love story of all time. ---->>>

Just because we want something so bad does not mean that God wants it for us, too. ---->>>

Just the simple act of sharing wisdom is something that many parents have left to society to do; however, that is not what God teaches in His word. ---->>>

Make God first priority. He's worth it! ---->>>

No marketing plan is ever going to bring in one soul that was not ordained by the Lord to be saved in the first place. ---->>>

Nobody says you have to be shackled to tradition. ---->>>

Parents are to be respected - it Is a commandment from God. ---->>>

Passion is best spent on God; so get committed. ---->>>

Persecutions are inevitable as a Christian. We are not greater than our Master, Jesus Christ, in whose Holy Spirit we gain strength to endure. ---->>>

Sometimes when people ask you to do things you think you are above, you need to evaluate why you think you are above it. ---->>>

We need to pray for our brethren around the world. ---->>>

The truth doesn't lie. It's up in your face. It's in your conscience. It challenges your very being with the intention of cleaning you of sin and its influence. ---->>>

Flesh will not stand in front of God, so all the decisions you make from your flesh will be paid for with your soul. Your flesh rejects the truth because it desires to do what it wants to do. ---->>>

As you submit to God more and more, you will get accustomed to being nourished by the power of truth. He is so holy that He cannot lie. God reveals His truth to His people through the Holy Spirit. ---->>>

Some churches make intercessory prayer part of their weekly schedule. If that's not the case at your church, find another person in the faith to intercede with or go before God on your own. ---->>>

Teachers are expendable, overworked, underpaid, and many times disrespected by students, parents and higher-ups. Nonetheless, these teachers still show up because there are some who are teachers indeed. ---->>>

Christmas is a Christian holiday, and any self-respecting person of another religion should not celebrate a holiday that they don't believe in. Clearly, Christ is in the name of the holiday, so there should be a belief in Him. ---->>>

Fixate your love on Him, be obedient to God's word, and don't seek the glory of this world. In doing these things, God will exalt you in this earth and you won't have to sacrifice your soul for earthly crowns that will fade. ---->>>

Grace is a much more accurate word to use when dealing with the state of human existence. God gives us unmerited favor through Jesus Christ, and since Adam and Eve, our lives have depended on it. ---->>>

Jesus is not only the Son of God, but He is God Himself. Having all power in His hands, He laid down His life for people who deserved God's justice, not His mercy. ---->>>

Jesus was a perfect example of following authority. He was subject to His earthly parents; he subjected himself to the laws of the land, and as God, he had the power not to do any of it. ---->>>

Make intercessory prayer a priority in your life and the life of your family. It will cause you to be more empathetic, less self-obsessed, and increasingly more like Christ. ---->>>

Men and women have defined roles, and it's the responsibility of a parent to make sure they know which way to go; otherwise, a child would feed themselves with their feet without the correct guidance. ---->>>

Undoubtedly, the most important thing to remember is your time is not your own. Yes, we live in a time when people believe that you can and you should do exactly what you want, but all time belongs to God. So make sure your time is first dedicated to getting His work accomplished. ---->>>

We are to yield to the authority God has in place, and look to Him to find out what He would have us to do about those things that are concerning to us. ---->>>

When we have fallen and need to get back up again, we are able to do it in His strength walking in His Spirit. Cling to the Spirit of Christ Jesus - He will never fail. ---->>>

Whenever I left New York, the Twin Towers welcomed me back in. It was a symbol of my city - the most unique city in the world, so when I moved to Virginia and later to Maryland, it meant even more. ---->>>

Why do people get upset when Christians say there is only one way to Heaven? Shouldn't those who follow a particular religion believe its doctrine to be true? ---->>>

It is a common assumption that a person's good works will get them into Heaven. ---->>>

Falling is a hard thing to do whether you are a Christian or not, but when you are in Christ, it comes with a deep sadness for letting your Savior down. ---->>>

Every day you live as a Christian, you are accountable to live for Christ. ---->>>

From politics to parenting, Christians have something to say. ---->>>

Singles have a purpose that is higher than any earthly relationship. Marriage is honorable, but so is being single. ---->>>

A Christian's example is always Jesus. ---->>>

A nation that turns it back on Christ and God's words of truth will inevitably regret it. ---->>>

Although, the flesh is weak, the Spirit of God is always willing, and He makes us able. ---->>>

Can one truly be passionate about something if they are not committed to it? ---->>>

Christ is the only way into Heaven. The world may say otherwise, but what they are really doing is making rules for someone else's house. ---->>>

Christians cannot be so joined to this world that they forget who they serve. ---->>>

Don't meditate on what you don't have, and remind yourself what you do have. ---->>>

If you are not living unto Christ, you are not dying unto Him, either. ---->>>

It's an honor to stand for God, and if we want to know where we should be standing, the red letters in the Bible will never steer us wrong. ---->>>

It's painfully obvious to see that as Americans we can sometimes be wrapped up in our own affairs. ---->>>

Not to be harsh, but why do we care so much about celebrity acceptance of Christian beliefs? ---->>>

Praying in Jesus' name makes the distinction that all glory and honor belong to Christ, who is one with God the Father. ---->>>

Real Christianity is based upon God's word given to us through the scriptures, and His word is final. ---->>>

Some people don't know when to stop talking. ---->>>

Somehow many have fallen into the belief that being a Christian is supposed to be a cake-walk. It's not. ---->>>

The one and true God of the Bible does not share His glory with any man or anyone else. There is only room for one God. ---->>>

The word of God is complete, and those who don't preach the word in its fullness are false teachers. ---->>>

The words 'success' and 'single' do go together, especially in Christ. ---->>>

There are some people who are always on the run, so much so that they find it hard to fit in the study of God's word. ---->>>

There is only one Jesus; we can't live a sinless life like He did. ---->>>

Those who care, teach. Those who love, teach. Those who can, teach. ---->>>

Ultimately, the soul will receive either judgment or mercy through Christ. ---->>>

Use God's word to acknowledge what He did for you. ---->>>

We have all fallen short of the glory of God. ---->>>

Whether you like it or not, when you claim to be a Christian, the world takes note. ---->>>

You don't see many people crying over the wrong they do to God every time His word is neglected or when one willfully sins. ---->>>

Young people are not immune to following God's commands concerning discipline. ---->>>

Do you ever think about the fact that Jesus never said a mumbling word? You may have heard that phrase before, but how much have you ever thought about it? ---->>>

God is being taken out of schools; children are not being raised in church learning the word; many parents are living lives unto themselves, exalting substance rather than Jesus Christ, and those looking for answers are going to church and finding the word is not being preached. There are consequences to these decisions. ---->>>

There's no way to get around the fact that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, and He is so good that He exchanged His place in Heaven to come suffer on a cross for humanity and rose to set us free from eternal life in Hell. ---->>>

God can show you just what you need to give, even if you don't know exactly why you're giving it. That's why we should always seek God and prepare to give Him our very best. ---->>>

God doesn't make things difficult for us. Do you want to know what the truth is? Look in the Bible, and you'll see that Jesus describes Himself not only as the truth, but the way and the life as well. ---->>>

I often think about Christ having all power, but He abdicated the power to live a sacrificial life for His children. In His own words he told his disciples that His meat was to do the will of the Father. ---->>>

I realize that sometimes I get bothered when I see the world acting like the world. Did you hear what I said? The world is supposed to act like the world, and God tells us that every generation gets more wicked, so why the surprise? Maybe we have some word to swallow ourselves. ---->>>

It's not about me - four simple words that described the life of Christ. Do you call yourself a Christian? Well then, you're not off the hook. You don't get to claim 'Me, myself, and I' as your four words. 'It's not about me' should describe your life as well. ---->>>

No one is guaranteed their next moment, or their next breath; yet, humanity has a habit of thinking of its existence on the earth as eternal. Those who are rooted and grounded in Christ know that life is just a vapor. ---->>>

There is no need to be longwinded as a pastor, but there is a difference between being longwinded and preaching for a long time. Preachers should be conscious of time because God does everything in decency and order; nonetheless, God's word is not on the clock! ---->>>


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Monica Johnson (February 21, 1946 – November 1, 2010) was an American screenwriter whose film credits included Mother, Lost in America, Modern Romance, Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again and The Muse. Her television credits included The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Laverne & Shirley and It's Garry Shandling's Show (wikipedia)