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Private equity helps produce strong companies, promotes innovation and spurs job growth. ---->>>

The good thing about execution issues are that they are within our control. ---->>>

Private equity funds a substantial amount of new businesses and is the source of capital to rejuvenate failing businesses, which are major drivers of job growth in this economy. ---->>>

Product pricing is aligned to the way customers want to acquire their solutions and are delivered via different delivery models including appliances, the cloud, or as on-premise software solutions. ---->>>

One of my major objectives is to build a long-term enterprise, to build shareholder value over time. ---->>>

I have either run private equity funded companies or been a partner in a private equity fund since 1982. I've had a front row view of the vital role private equity continues to play in building and keeping American businesses competitive in the global economy. ---->>>

There is no denying that downsizing can happen when a company receives private equity funding. It is unfortunate and hard on everyone who is affected. ---->>>

We have innovative differentiated technology that is recognized by our customers and third party analysts as the best in the industry; we have industry-leading support with a very large satisfied installed base due to our best-in-class support and development organisations. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Businessman