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It is possible to tolerate anything as long as it only affects you. But the method of collective punishment is bigger than that. ---->>>

Mordovian prisoners are afraid of their own shadows. They are completely terrified. ---->>>

In May 2013, my lawyer Dmitry Dinze filed a complaint about the conditions at PC-14 with the prosecutor's office. The deputy head of the colony, Lieutenant Colonel Kupriyanov, instantly made conditions at the camp unbearable. ---->>>

Modern capitalism seeks to assure us that it operates according to the principles of free creativity, endless development and diversity. It glosses over its other side in order to hide the reality that millions of people are enslaved by an all-powerful and fantastically stable norm of production. We want to reveal this lie. ---->>>

The words we spoke and our entire punk performance aimed to express our disapproval of a specific political event: the patriarchs' support of Vladimir Putin, who has taken an authoritarian and anti-feminist course. ---->>>

We are the rebels asking for the storm, and believing that truth is only to be found in an endless search. If the 'World Spirit' touches you, do not expect that it will be painless. ---->>>

As a child, I wanted to go into advertising. I had a love affair with the advertising industry. ---->>>

I will not remain silent, resigned to watch as my fellow prisoners collapse under the strain of slavery-like conditions. ---->>>


Nationality: Russian
Born: 11-07, 1989
Birthplace: Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Occupation: Artist

Nadezhda Andreyevna Tolokonnikova (Russian: Наде́жда Андре́евна Толоко́нникова; born November 7, 1989), nicknamed "Nadya Tolokno" (Надя Толокно), is a Russian conceptual artist and political activist. She is a member of the anti-Putinist punk rock group Pussy Riot, and has a history of political activism with the controversial street art group Voina (wikipedia)