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So this was the big secret historians keep to themselves: historical research is wildly seductive and fun. There's a thrill in the process of digging, then piecing together details like a puzzle. ---->>>

'Loving Frank' is about a forbidden love affair between two people who lived a hundred years ago - Frank Lloyd Wright and his married client, Mamah Borthwick Cheney. The affair set off a colossal newspaper scandal when the lovers ran off to Europe together. ---->>>

I always use primary sources, in addition to reading biographies and other materials. ---->>>

I'm married to Kevin, a photographer whose career has put him on the campaign trail with presidential candidates and sent him on assignment to far-flung places for long periods of time. It was sometimes rough when our children were small, and I was beginning to write in earnest. ---->>>

One of the great lessons I learned about historical fiction from writing 'Loving Frank' is that you don't try to disguise what people did; my approach was to try to understand the characters and why they did what they did. ---->>>

I guess I'm drawn to artists and literary people and want to learn about them. ---->>>

If someone had told me in high school that one day I'd write an historical novel, I would have rolled my eyes. ---->>>

History class was a forty-minute squirm from which I would emerge unscathed by insight. Down the hall in English Lit, though, there were stories to be had, and it was stories I craved. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Author

Nancy Horan is an American author of historical fiction. Her works include Loving Frank, a novel about Mamah Borthwick and her relationship with American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and Under the Wide and Starry Sky, a novel about the relationship between Robert Louis Stevenson and his wife. Horan was awarded the 2009 James Fenimore Cooper Prize for Best Historical Fiction by the Society of American Historians for Loving Frank (wikipedia)