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Once winter sets in I must have the sun and warmth. I need to be in the sun - I'm a true island baby. ---->>>

No scent is more sensual or more memorable to me than musk. ---->>>

My personal style is relaxed. ---->>>

Latin men love Latin women, it is part of the culture, we celebrate women in a very special way and I think that is present in my work. I do it by making them beautiful, sensual. ---->>>

You may grow very quickly the first two years and then watch the business decline, unless you really start selling product at any price range with various degrees of quality. ---->>>

Because I'm so hands on here at work and always looking at fabrics you have to be mobile and as comfortable as possible. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-27, 1961
Birthplace: New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation: Designer

Narciso Rodriguez (Spanish pronunciation: [narˈziso roˈðɾiɣes]) is an American fashion designer.(wikipedia)