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Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed. ---->>>

If someone is not treating you in a way that you like, remember that there are so many nice people out there. The problem is that when you love someone, you make excuses for that kind of behavior. ---->>>

In high school, I did a little track and field and ran on my own. In college, I would run every now and again, but I didn't have enough time to be devoted to it. ---->>>

I have crazy eyebrows, so it's crucial to tame them. Just like your hair, they set off your features. ---->>>

I feel better all day if I start off by eating healthy. Breakfast is simple: multigrain toast with natural peanut butter, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, or healthy cereal. ---->>>

I learned what looked good on my petite frame, and to this day, I'm a great bargain shopper. ---->>>

At restaurants, I try to tell them not to bring the bread basket, but what's the point of going out to eat if I can't enjoy it? ---->>>

To me, running is therapy. It's mood-altering and gets my endorphins going. It's also a great release and a great energy builder. ---->>>

You could pack for a trip to Europe with the bags under my eyes! ---->>>

One hazard of our job on TV is people are always checking us out and noting every pound we've gained or haven't quite lost. ---->>>

The first thing I do after work is take off my TV makeup with a gentle cleanser. I also try to exfoliate twice a week. Waking up with dull, flaky skin is no way to start the day. ---->>>

Audrey Hepburn, for me, was the end-all, be-all style icon. ---->>>

I would have loved to have met Buster Keaton. ---->>>

My dad was a big runner. Growing up, I watched him do half marathons, and he was always running six or seven miles. ---->>>

Some of the best writing I've done, whether I'm shooting a story or thinking of a script, I write it in my head as I'm running. Running literally jogs my brain. ---->>>


Natalie Morales profile (natalie-morales.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-06, 1972
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation: Journalist

Natalie Morales-Rhodes (born Natalie Leticia Morales; June 6, 1972) is an American journalist working for NBC News. She is the Today Show West Coast anchor and appears on other programs including Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News. In August 2016, after the Rio Summer Olympics, Morales moved to Los Angeles, where she became both the Today show's West Coast anchor, Billy Bush's replacement as host of Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live, while continuing as a correspondent for Dateline (wikipedia)