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Growing up in England, people told you why you couldn't do things. Suddenly, I had a publisher banging on my door, and was given the creative green light to simply make. ---->>>

I had never read in public, never given an interview. I was doing it all and trying to produce the next book and raise three young kids and had another child on the way. ---->>>

I do what I want to do. I see where my enthusiasm is. Over the years, my techniques expanded. That's how the writing came out. ---->>>

One minute I was completely unknown, barely able to feed my family, living on pennies. The next minute, Katie Couric was interviewing me on the breakfast show. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 07-14, 1949
Occupation: Artist

Nick Bantock (born 14 July 1949) is a British artist and author based in Saltspring Island, British Columbia, known for his series, The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy. His books are published by Raincoast Books in Canada and Chronicle Books in the United States, and are known for their elaborate designs featuring faux postage stamps, handwritten documents, passports, postcards and other ephemera (wikipedia)