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I find writing really hard, but then, every author I know finds writing really hard work. ---->>>

One of the things I enjoy most about writing historical romance is researching inspiring backgrounds and settings. ---->>>

My husband is very proud of me and what I do. Which I think is really sweet. ---->>>

Anna Campbell and I have already done a history tour of parts of the U.K., and it would be fun to invite my fellow Word Wench Cara Elliott along, too! ---->>>

I consider myself hugely privileged to work at such a wonderful place as Ashdown, where I can step back into history and be inspired by both the setting and the people associated with it. ---->>>

When I started writing, I didn't have the common sense to use a pseudonym, so I write under my own name. If I did have a pen name, though, it would be something very historical - something that sounds very sort of Regency... Sophia something. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Occupation: Writer

Nicola Cornick (b. Yorkshire, England) is a British writer of historical romance novels and timeslip mysteries. She is also a historian specialising in public history. Her works are recognised for their historical research and well-observed characterisation. Her books have been translated into over 40 languages and she has won a number of awards. She also works as a consultant for TV and radio, and as a volunteer guide and historian at Ashdown House, a 17th-century National Trust hunting lodge in Oxfordshire. Nicola Cornick is the Chair of the Romantic Novelists' Association She runs writing courses and gives talks on the history of Ashdown House and on other history and writing-related topics.(wikipedia)