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Having travelled and lived and worked in many different places, I was keen to come back and settle in Nottingham, partly because my family are here, but also because Nottingham is such a vibrant city. ---->>>

As a writer, it is my job to tell a story. I don't want to get involved in social commentary; I just want to show issues from a different point of view. I want to show issues from a perspective that may not be highlighted. ---->>>

It has taken me a long time to work out the function of ex-boyfriends, at least for me: how they can help you work out what you want from life and from a partner by showing you what you don't. If a man is your ex, it's better all round if he was not Mr. Right. ---->>>


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Nationality: English
Occupation: Novelist

Nicola Monaghan is an English novelist and author of The Killing Jar, Starfishing and The Okinawa Dragon. Monaghan was listed in The Independent’s New Year 2006 list of rising talent, and won a Betty Trask Award, the Author's Club Best First Novel Prize and the Waverton Good Read Award for her debut (wikipedia)