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I promised myself: Before your 18th birthday, you're going to be at Jean Paul Gaultier. And it worked. I was hired.

I promised myself: Before your 18th birthday, you're going to be at Jean Paul Gaultier. And it worked. I was hired.

Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new. ---->>>

With my designs and my ideas, I want to please myself first. ---->>>

I'm always very stressed about making a new proposition every season. But in a way, it's a kind of addiction. ---->>>

In terms of design, it's true the world has an influence. But, as a designer, you have to protect yourself. You have to look at the world and then forget it. ---->>>

Actually, I love golf clothes! I think this is the most interesting part of golf! ---->>>

People used to define me as a futurist designer, but, you know, the future is now for me. ---->>>

I think the golden age of couture had some of the most incredible customers: women like Nan Kempner and all the icons. ---->>>

Of course I live in my time, and I'm really curious. But, at the same time, I don't think it has a direct impact on my work. ---->>>

What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time. You have to witness your own moment. ---->>>

There are people I've worked with who have never understood how fashion works. They keep saying they love fashion, yet they've never actually grasped that this isn't yoghurt or a piece of furniture - products in the purest sense of the term. ---->>>

Your priority has to be the creativity - and build a brand. That's what everybody did - Balenciaga, Dior, Saint Laurent. That's the smart thing to do. ---->>>

I grew up in a family that played golf, and my brother was much better than me, so I kind of put that aside. I had to be good at something other than golf. ---->>>

In this work, you have to convince everyone all the time, at different levels, to support your dream. I learned you have to be confident in order to do that. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 05-09, 1971
Birthplace: Comines, Nord-Pas de Calais, France
Occupation: Designer

Nicolas Ghesquière (French pronunciation: ​[nikola ɡɛs.kjɛːʁ]; born 9 May 1971) is a French fashion designer and the current creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton (owned by LVMH).(wikipedia)