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If a woman gets insomnia, you never know where you're going to find her furniture the next morning. It's primal. We have so little we can control, but we can perfect the way our room looks.

If a woman gets insomnia, you never know where you're going to find her furniture the next morning. It's primal. We have so little we can control, but we can perfect the way our room looks.

I'm somebody's ex-wife, and I did things that drove him nuts. And now I'm somebody's girlfriend, for many years, and I've got different things that drive him nuts. ---->>>

Filming is a funny combination of having a good time and not being able to wait until it's over. ---->>>

When I hear that a project takes place out of town, the material better be terrific, and it has to come at the right time. My kids are getting older, so it's getting easier, but being a mother - it's a difficult thing to juggle. ---->>>

I'm willing to give up a little control but not a lot. So I say I want the money, but when push comes to shove, I'm not sure I'll be able to compromise in order to make the big studio movie. Maybe something in between would be okay, like a low-budget studio film. ---->>>

Catherine Keener really gets me. She and I have such a shorthand together. ---->>>

Hollywood always likes to create a star. ---->>>

Hollywood is lacking realness in their female characters. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that and wants to change it. ---->>>

I always had good friends, but I did not feel like a cool girl, ever. ---->>>

I definitely feel like a native New Yorker. My personality was formed there. ---->>>

I don't think of myself in a political way, though I am definitely a feminist. ---->>>

I have a stack of scripts that I've read - I'm in the lucky position where I get offered things - but I haven't wanted to direct many of them. ---->>>

I hear people talk in my head, and I write it down. I choose where they live and how they dress to be real. ---->>>

I rarely need career advice because I don't have a career. No, that's not true. I can't really go far away while my kids are living with me. ---->>>

I went to NYU for a year and a half, and I graduated from there and then years later went to Columbia for graduate school. ---->>>

I would still encourage somebody, if they wanted to make a movie, to just go take a movie camera. That's clearly been shown to work. ---->>>

I'll write a character with a certain actor in mind, but then once I start casting, I have to forget about who I pictured. ---->>>

I'm a director, but I gotta have the hair, the makeup and the heels. My mother would be appalled if I didn't dress up. ---->>>

I'm not a producer and I don't even know the places my producer goes to, thankfully. ---->>>

I'm not crazy about having my picture taken. I'd rather talk my head off. ---->>>

If the script is right, I'm not above doing a movie with broad appeal. ---->>>

It's harder to take care of kids than it is to make a movie. ---->>>

My movies make a profit, but obviously not a fortune. ---->>>

The fact that I get to write and direct my own personal story is an amazing thing. ---->>>

The stories that I want to tell are completely, well, somewhat autobiographical. It's completely based on my own self-absorption issues and problems. ---->>>

I'm sure it's more difficult for women to make movies, especially because, in general, the kind of movies women want to make aren't necessarily going to be blockbusters. But you know, there are so few women in so many positions of power. ---->>>

To say you want to be a director is to risk sounding obnoxious, pretentious, arrogant, and I think women are more fearful of sounding that way than men are. ---->>>

I don't have a drawer full of ideas. I kind of look around and take notes and wonder what could actually be a whole movie. And each time, I think I'm going to do it more commercial this time; I'm going to get a big budget and make it. But I always come up with some small idea. ---->>>

I think I'm a good writer. I think I have my own voice, which is unique to everyone - everyone has their own voice; if they would just write from a vulnerable embarrassing place, it's going to be universal, and it's going to be entertaining. Because everyone is the same, and everyone is unique. ---->>>

I think that sometimes, romantic comedies have to be really broad, and that the plot of people falling in and out of love or whatever is not enough. 'Enough Said' had that stuff, but I wanted it to be fun and funny while also grounded in reality. ---->>>

I'm being photographed, worrying about my hair - and yet here I am, I've directed a feature film, why do I care about the way I look? Who cares? Does Tim Burton care? Does Joel Coen? ---->>>

I'm still shooting on low budgets, though none of my movies has lost money, and I rarely get sent anything that stars a guy or is a thriller or is seriously dramatic. And I would love the opportunity to do those things. ---->>>

If you keep the situations real, the characters' behavior will be real and honest, too. If they're suddenly robbing a bank and exchanging snappy dialogue, well, I wouldn't even know how to write that. ---->>>

When I was going away to school, I had a friend who took a liking to my family just a little too much. We couldn't get her out of the house. It took me saying to my parents, 'I don't want her here. I'm feeling replaced.' ---->>>

When I'm creating characters, I just want to create characters that I can relate to, and be as honest about them as people as I can be. That's what I want to see when I go to the movies. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-22, 1960
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Occupation: Director

Nicole Holofcener (; born March 22, 1960) is an American film and television director and screenwriter. She has directed five feature films, including Friends with Money and Enough Said as well as various television series. Holofcener was a student of director Martin Scorsese. (wikipedia)