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For a selfie, it's not about the pose, it's about you. There's a reason why you look great in the picture or you look great in real life, because someone has caught the essence of who you are, and a pose is not you. ---->>>

Someone who is comfortable, someone who is happy, you see them immediately sit up, stand up and feel better about themselves. If you're able to capture that in a picture, that's the most beautiful picture you can ever take of someone. ---->>>

Capturing a beautiful moment in a photo is something I'm very passionate about. ---->>>

Whenever you do anything public, you open yourself up to be criticized. ---->>>

As soon as you 'Botox' your smile lines away, you lose part of your identity.

As soon as you 'Botox' your smile lines away, you lose part of your identity.

Many reality shows have failed because everyone's acting. ---->>>

People think New York is this big city where no one knows each other, but when you live in the Village, it's the opposite. ---->>>

There's almost an element of selfies that is like photo therapy. People look upon themselves in a picture and then they critique themselves without knowing so, and that's what's happening on mass on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. ---->>>

Even though photographers are only shooting the outside, beauty is more about who you are as a person - the life you lead - not your facade. ---->>>

For guys, growing older is fine. Gray hair and wrinkles aren't considered a bad thing. ---->>>

I got a camera when I was nine years old and it wasn't until I was a model that I realized you could be a photographer for a job. ---->>>

I have a book out called 'The Beauty Equation' and it discusses how off track we have gone in considering beauty. ---->>>

I photograph different people all the time. I like to shoot all kinds of people. ---->>>

The life you're leading is the sexiest part of you. ---->>>

Everyone gets a pencil as a kid, but it doesn't make them all authors or painters or drawers or anything else. ---->>>

I always wanted to be a zoologist. I'm fascinated with animals. I wanted to be a zookeeper. ---->>>

I'm much more about the emotion that a photograph provokes out of you and less about how technically brilliant it is. ---->>>

Write 'judge of beautiful women' on my tombstone. I'd be quite happy. ---->>>

My family are everything to me. They come first in everything I do. ---->>>

My favorite memory is Tomorrow. Tomorrow's family moments are what I look forward to every day. No single favorite. Just Tomorrow. ---->>>

If you are going out, and if you want women to pick you up, wear skinny jeans. Trust me: women will be looking at your legs and looking at your butt. When I wear skinny jeans, at least one woman will tell me, 'Nice butt.' ---->>>

I'm happy to help Crest Whitestrips on their mission to inspire photographers everywhere to capture smile moments and would encourage aspiring photographers to express themselves through their photos. ---->>>

Designers simply can't afford to make dresses in 10 sizes for a sample. ---->>>

Certainly, people feel awkward when they have their photograph taken. They want to see it, but they don't want to see it. ---->>>

Kate Moss is small and not necessarily model dimensions but she has that special something. ---->>>

My go-to necktie is jet black, skinny, and simple. It goes with everything. I really like that mod-ish punk look. ---->>>

I have two little kids, and they both came out completely different, with their own personalities. ---->>>

I think if more designers designed clothes with a more fuller figure in mind, it would represent women in a greater sense. ---->>>

I'm truly excited to align with and share with the world the wondrous sites and travels I've experienced. ---->>>

If I am to judge others, I should be subject to be judged. You make your bed, you must lie in it. ---->>>

It's ironic to watch a dress on a mannequin or a model on a catwalk who's not anything like the person that's going to buy it. ---->>>

My daughter's first sentence was, 'Dada no hair.' And I was, like, 'No Jasmine, Dada does have hair, Dada just shaves his head.' ---->>>

In life, you don't judge people on how they are at home, you judge them on how they are at work. ---->>>

My wife is a size zero and eats more than I do, and I'm a 6'4", 225 lb. man! ---->>>

Nonni's Biscotti Bites fit perfectly in my camera bag for a spontaneous break between photo shoots. ---->>>

For me the most important thing to do in a selfie is to have an opinion and to say something with the picture. Don't just take a picture of yourself like, 'Here I am.' It's what are you thinking? Are you happy? Are you angry? Do you like it? Do you not like it? Think an emotion and apply it to your eyes. ---->>>

I am always on the go; being a photographer, filmmaker, author and a father, things become stressful, and it is important to find time to escape for a few minutes. ---->>>

I once died my hair blonde, and it looked like an orangey-red carrot top. It was the '80s, and I was trying to look like George Michael. At the time, the ladies loved it, and I loved it too! ---->>>

Within the modeling industry, there's no doubt that there are some girls out there that are too thin. But there are also girls who are genetically slim and can eat like a horse. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 04-27, 1972
Birthplace: London, England
Occupation: Photographer

Nigel Barker (born 27 April 1972) is an English reality TV show personality, fashion photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker, and former model. He is best known for his participation as a judge and photographer on the reality show America's Next Top Model, and is now the host of reality show The Face (wikipedia)