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Glasgow is less polite than Edinburgh but that's a good thing - they keep it very real.

Glasgow is less polite than Edinburgh but that's a good thing - they keep it very real.

I'm off to sit on a cliff. ---->>>

It's the most ridiculous business to be in. It's full of people who have never grown up. ---->>>

I tried several times to get the song right. The tune and the chords that I started with, there really wasn't anywhere else it could go. I stopped fighting it and let it take me away. ---->>>

There is a major turning point in life when you have to decide: shall I grow old gracefully or shall I try everything to stem the tide? For me, that point came in 2001, when I stopped dyeing my hair. ---->>>

I can understand why those bands do it. It can be a hell of a lot of bloody fun. People are allowed to have a bit of fun after the age of 40, and a lot of them do need the money. ---->>>

I might have to go on breakfast TV, which would mean getting up early. ---->>>

I love Neil Finn. I've loved everything he's done since Split Enz. ---->>>

There's always some promoter having an '80s night, saying, We'll supply the band. All you can drink. ---->>>

There's stuff that everybody does that they don't know they do. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 03-01, 1958
Occupation: Musician

Nicholas David "Nik" Kershaw (born 1 March 1958) is an English singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. Kershaw came to prominence in the mid 1980s as a solo artist, releasing eight singles that entered the Top 40 charts in the UK during the 1980s, including "Wouldn't It Be Good", "Dancing Girls", "I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", "Human Racing", "The Riddle", "Wide Boy", "Don Quixote" and "When a Heart Beats" (wikipedia)