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Clearly-drawn front lines have become a thing of the past due to complex locations with ubiquitous enemy threats. ---->>>

Constant and pervasive danger makes agile movement a high priority for all soldiers, whether they are assigned directly to combat or not. ---->>>

I was an officer in my student council. ---->>>

People say, 'What if your name was Niki Smith?' Well, if Niki Smith lived the life I've lived, it would have great bearing. ---->>>

Body armor is meant to fit snug to the body to stop shrapnel and absorb a bullet's impact. Armor designed for a boxier male frame does not fit properly on the overwhelming majority of females, who have a very different stature and body type than their male counterparts. ---->>>

Lightened body armor, which the military has made progress on, would mean increased safety and reduced risk for soldiers like the sergeant and the colonel. ---->>>

There are wives who are very involved with their husbands' offices and really take their responsibility seriously in terms of issues and things like that. I was never very comfortable with being part of that. ---->>>

We should not be making near-term decisions with long-term consequences without robustly debating these questions and fully considering the substantial and unpredictable risks of these actions. ---->>>


Niki Tsongas profile (niki-tsongas.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 04-26, 1946
Occupation: Politician

Nicola Dickson "Niki" Sauvage Tsongas (; born April 26, 1946) is an American politician and the current U.S. Representative for Massachusetts's 3rd congressional district. From 2007 to 2013 she represented Massachusetts's 5th congressional district, the district her husband Paul Tsongas served prior to being elected to the United States Senate (wikipedia)