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The more we get out of the world the less we leave, and in the long run we shall have to pay our debts at a time that may be very inconvenient for our own survival. ---->>>

What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead. ---->>>

Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.

Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.

To live effectively is to live with adequate information. ---->>>

The nervous system and the automatic machine are fundamentally alike in that they are devices, which make decisions on the basis of decisions they made in the past. ---->>>

The idea that information can be stored in a changing world without an overwhelming depreciation of its value is false. It is scarcely less false than the more plausible claim that after a war we may take our existing weapons, fill their barrels with information. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: November 26, 1894
Die: 03-18, 1964
Occupation: Mathematician

Norbert Wiener (November 26, 1894 – March 18, 1964) was an American mathematician and philosopher. He was a professor of mathematics at MIT. A famous child prodigy, Wiener later became an early researcher in stochastic and mathematical noise processes, contributing work relevant to electronic engineering, electronic communication, and control systems (wikipedia)