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The best of life is to embark on an adventure with a woman interested in having an adventure with you. ---->>>

I spent half my life being hurt. The leftovers of hurt are an automatic gesture, like a dog that salivates. ---->>>

My goal in life was to pursue the good life. ---->>>

My philosophy is this: Do not tamper with the anatomy of a woman's body; do not camouflage it. ---->>>

A designer is like a doctor for a woman. He has a specific job, and if he is doing it well, he will have the gratitude of the woman for the rest of his life. ---->>>

At the very beginning of my career, when I opened my business in Italy, I was also a ranked tennis player. I had won many tournaments. To be an athlete was my first choice. Second choice: designer. However! There was more money in being a designer at that time. ---->>>

Every time you choose a perfume, you are voting. And, of course, I hope you vote for me. Not only for my ego, but for my pocketbook. The more you buy, the more money I make. ---->>>

Looks, health and elegance are what counts. Someone can look wonderful in a sweatsuit. ---->>>

The first lady must be a leader. She must not be a follower. ---->>>

What is more important, the reality or the perception? I am perceived to be an important designer. It's enough for me. ---->>>

Be mobile at all times, even if it causes you suffering or feelings of loneliness. Unless you're willing to do that, you're never going to get the bigger rewards. ---->>>

I am a great believer in luck. ---->>>

In our society, everyone wants to be a celebrity overnight. ---->>>

Today's designers don't care if fashion has no relationship to human anatomy. ---->>>

You might say that I'm the Michelangelo of the dress business. ---->>>

I am neither the handsomest nor the richest nor the most powerful, but I've had the greatest women in the world. ---->>>

A first date should be elegant. In comfortable surroundings. A place with excellent food, where you can talk easily and get to know each other. ---->>>

Fashion anticipates. ---->>>

A woman who laughs is a woman conquered. ---->>>

Clothes are designed for the media, because it's a great show. ---->>>

Every poor designer can go with things that are popular at the moment. ---->>>

I drive my own horses in a race. And I always have. ---->>>

I have programmed myself to be at least 105 years old. ---->>>

I was brought up in Florence, a beautiful medieval town whose rhythm is completely in antiquity. ---->>>

I'm the first American designer who went all over the world. ---->>>

I've been around tennis, and I have a feeling for the sport. I still play tennis, and I can still do a lot of harm to a lot of people. ---->>>

Life is such a tragicomedy. ---->>>

A healthy mind and body are essential. No excesses. Proper food. The body is like a Rolls-Royce. With care, it could last 200 years. It's a dynamo; the more you use it, the more you recharge it. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-11, 1913
Birthplace: Paris, France
Die: 03-17, 2006
Occupation: Designer

Oleg Cassini (April 11, 1913 – March 17, 2006) was an American fashion designer born to an aristocratic Russian family with maternal Italian ancestry. He came to the United States as a young man after starting as a designer in Rome, and quickly got work with Paramount Pictures. Cassini established his reputation by designing for films (wikipedia)