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There is nothing in my work that can be taken as blasphemy. ---->>>

I would like to reconcile the church and the circus. I wanted to transform the theatre... to get my message across that there is only one God - the living man - the person sitting next to you. That is my religion. I believe that there is a sense to life. ---->>>


Oleg Kulik profile (oleg-kulik.jpg)
Nationality: Russian
Born: 06-21, 1961
Occupation: Artist

Oleg Borisovich Kulik (Russian: Оле́г Бори́сович Кули́к; born 1961 in Kiev) is a Ukrainian-born Russian performance artist, sculptor, photographer and curator. Kulik was born in Kiev, graduated from Kiev Art School (1979) and Kiev Geological Survey College (1982), and was awarded a scholarship by the Berlin Senate in 1996 (wikipedia)