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The dissolution of the Party - we will not let such a tremendous, big, and glorious party be so easily crashed: this would then be the moment, when we would begin to fight on all fronts. ---->>>

A nation is a totality of men united through community of fate into a community of character. ---->>>


Otto Bauer profile (otto-bauer.jpg)
Nationality: Austrian
Born: September 5, 1881
Die: 07-04, 1938
Occupation: Writer

Otto Bauer (5 September 1881 – 4 July 1938) was an Austrian Social Democrat who is considered one of the leading thinkers of the left-socialist Austro-Marxist grouping. He was also an early inspiration for both the New Left movement and Eurocommunism in their attempt to find a "Third way" to democratic socialism (wikipedia)