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What counts isn't the frame, it's what you put in it. ---->>>

Directing her was like directing Lassie. You need 14 takes to get each one of them right. ---->>>

Directing Marilyn Monroe was like directing Lassie. You needed fourteen takes to get each one of them right. ---->>>

I stopped acting when I was 19. The only time I acted again was during the war, when there were no other Nazis available. ---->>>

When I was a young actor in Vienna, already my hair was falling out at a rapid rate. I went to a doctor, who said hair was like grass: if you mow it, then it grows back stronger. So I went to Brittany, where nobody knew me, and I shaved my head. When it grew back - only the fringes! ---->>>

When I finish a film, I want to forget it. I never like to repeat myself. Maybe, when I am dead, they will find certain consistencies in the style of my films, but I never want one film to look like another. ---->>>

I do not welcome advice from actors; they are here to act. ---->>>

I can't talk about every single film I made. It's not my way to go back into the past and to look at my old pictures and to discuss them. ---->>>

I live in the present. When I finish a film, it is behind me. My reward is in my work, not in a lot of old memories. ---->>>

I never seek controversy or foresee it for my pictures. I take a personal stand, and perhaps because my films are on contemporary subjects, people do not share my point of view. ---->>>


Nationality: Austrian
Born: 12-05, 1906
Birthplace: Wiznitz, Austria-Hungary (present-day Vyzhnytsia, Ukraine)
Die: 04-23, 1986
Occupation: Director

Otto Ludwig Preminger (, German pronunciation: [ˈpreːmiŋɐ]; 5 December 1905 – 23 April 1986) was an American theatre and film director, originally from Austria-Hungary. He directed more than 35 feature films in a five-decade career after leaving the theatre. He first gained attention for film noir mysteries such as Laura (1944) and Fallen Angel (1945), while in the 1950s and 1960s, he directed a number of high-profile adaptations of popular novels and stage works (wikipedia)