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The new meaning of soul is creativity and mysticism. These will become the foundation of the new psychological type and with him or her will come the new civilization. ---->>>

Art is life's dream interpretation. ---->>>

Thou shalt not give birth reluctantly. ---->>>

The correct didactic analysis is one that does not in the least differ from the curative treatment. How, indeed, shall the future analyst learn the technique if he does not experience it just exactly as he is to apply it later? ---->>>

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, for there are plenty of others. ---->>>


Name: Otto Rank
Nationality: Austrian
Born: April 22, 1884
Die: 10-31, 1939
Occupation: Psychologist

Otto Rank (; born Otto Rosenfeld; April 22, 1884 – October 31, 1939) was an Austrian psychoanalyst, writer, and teacher. Born in Vienna, he was one of Sigmund Freud's closest colleagues for 20 years, a prolific writer on psychoanalytic themes, an editor of the two most important analytic journals, managing director of Freud's publishing house and a creative theorist and therapist (wikipedia)