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Education is at the heart of achieving your dreams. ---->>>

My comrades would call me a 'black capitalist.' ---->>>

The system of creating opportunities for those who were by law excluded, you've got to do that. But you mustn't create a perception that the process is devoid of competitiveness... devoid of building a world class, sustainable black business community. ---->>>

I have confidence in mining. I see exciting opportunities in it. ---->>>

People don't know that there were very successful black businessmen in the years of apartheid. ---->>>

South Africans are caring, compassionate and loving people. ---->>>

You have to have a globally competitive mining dispensation. ---->>>

I've heard people say South Africans are arrogant, that they act no differently from their colonial masters. That needs to change. It's in your business interest as an entrepreneur to form meaningful partnerships. That's how you do well for your shareholders. ---->>>

Only in South Africa could you have a change in government without civil war. If there wasn't the depth of love and caring among our people, this would not have happened. ---->>>

Abe Krok was a man of integrity who made a unique contribution to Mamelodi Sundowns and to South African football. ---->>>

If we continue doing the right things in Africa, we can create a very exciting and competitive global market here. ---->>>

The relationship between ARMgold and Harmony continues to develop and grow. ---->>>

You could be worth $2 billion today and a half a billion tomorrow. It doesn't take much for this to disappear overnight. ---->>>

Youth all over the world are very hungry to succeed. ---->>>


Nationality: South Afric
Born: 01-28, 1962
Birthplace: Soweto, South Africa
Occupation: Businessman

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe (born 28 January 1962) is a South African mining magnate. He is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, which has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum. He also sits on several company boards including being the non-executive chairman of Harmony Gold, the 12th largest gold mining company in the world, and is the deputy chairman of Sanlam (wikipedia)