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You need to aim beyond what you are capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end. Try to do things that you're incapable of... If you think you're incapable of running a company, make that your aim... Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible. ---->>>

If you get stuck, draw with a different pen. Change your tools; it may free your thinking. ---->>>

Have you noticed that the cleverest people at school are often not the ones who succeed in life? ---->>>

We are all advertising, all of the time. If you want to sell your car, what do you do? You clean and polish it and make it the best you can. Some people bake bread when they are trying to sell their house because the smell adds a friendly feeling. Even the priest, with all his or her fervour, is advertising God. Everybody is selling. ---->>>

There are rules in advertising, and those rules are self-imposed by the client companies because they don't want their products to be seen as dishonest. ---->>>

Advertising gets such a bashing from the world. At parties you are always asked, 'Aren't you just selling people things they don't want?' ---->>>

Great people have great egos; maybe that's what makes them great. ---->>>

I watch TV more than I used to, and the commercials don't impress me. The standard of execution is very high, but the standard of ideas is appalling. ---->>>

I've now discovered that if you know what you want and try hard to achieve it, everyone else will try hard, too. ---->>>

The world is what you think of it. So think of it differently, and your life will change. ---->>>

Everybody wants to be good, but not many are prepared to make the sacrifices it takes to be great. To many people, being nice in order to be liked is more important. There's equal merit in that, but you must not confuse being good with being liked. ---->>>

Knowledge comes from the past, so it's safe. It is also out of date. It's the opposite of originality... Experience is the opposite of being creative. ---->>>

Having too many ideas is not always a good thing. ---->>>

We try to make sensible decisions with the facts in front of us. The problem with sensible decisions is that so is everyone else. ---->>>

Without having a goal, it's difficult to score. ---->>>

Your vision of where or who you want to be is your greatest asset. ---->>>

Risks are a measure of people. People who don't take them are trying to preserve what they have. Some risks have a future, and some people call them wrong. But being right may be like walking backwards, proving where you've been. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-07, 1940
Die: 04-02, 2008
Occupation: Author

Paul Arden (7 April 1940 – 2 April 2008) was a creative director of Saatchi and Saatchi and an author of several books on advertising and motivation, including Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite and It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be.(wikipedia)