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Remembering is painful, it's difficult, but it can be inspiring and it can give wisdom. ---->>>

The people who went on that airplane were unexceptional. ---->>>

In the end, it's acting, it's not real. But every director will tell you that you have to create conditions that create tension, because tension is what makes drama feel real. ---->>>

Why are people saying it's too soon? Like the people on that flight, we need to agree about what to do about terrorism. And I think we need to have that conversation now. ---->>>


Born: 08-13, 1955
Birthplace: Cheam, Surrey, England, UK
Occupation: Film director

Paul Greengrass (born 13 August 1955) is an English film director, film producer, screenwriter and former journalist. He specialises in dramatisations of real-life events and is known for his signature use of hand-held cameras. His early film Bloody Sunday won the Golden Bear at 52nd Berlin International Film Festival (wikipedia)