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When I started out, I preferred to watch my films without music, as its presence tends to mask the underlying pace of the film. I felt I could feel the rhythm of the film better without music to influence me. ---->>>

I have always had a certain rhythmic approach to my work. ---->>>

I have been typecast in my career, although the type changes with the decades. ---->>>

The sound is the key; audiences will accept visual discontinuity much more easily than they'll accept jumps in the sound. If the track makes sense, you can do almost anything visually. ---->>>


Nationality: German
Born: November 17, 1868
Die: 08-01, 1940
Occupation: Politician

Paul Hirsch (17 November 1868 – 1 August 1940) was a German politician and a member of the Social Democratic Party who served as Prime Minister of Prussia from 1918 to 1920.(wikipedia)