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My music, my songs are 100 percent inspired by girl power.

My music, my songs are 100 percent inspired by girl power.

Everyone has a Latino inside them.

Everyone has a Latino inside them.

There are a lot of influences from different countries in my music. For example, I chose the guitar in my music, I think that it is a feminine instrument, so when I do not sing, the music expresses my voice. ---->>>

I like to be glamorous so I love the clothing and the big entrances. It needs to be spectacular! ---->>>

I started in a band called 'Timbiriche', we toured the world when I was 8; I have 23 albums. ---->>>

With 'Timbiriche', I toured Brazil and a lot of Latin America. ---->>>

I was born in Mexico, I am from Mexico City. ---->>>


Nationality: Mexican
Born: 06-17, 1973
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Musician

Paulina Susana Rubio-Dosamantes (Spanish pronunciation: [pauˈlina ˈruβjo]; born 17 June 1971) is a Mexican singer, actress, television music competition judge, hostess, model and businesswoman. She began her music career as original member of the pop group Timbiriche from 1982 through 1991, before leaving the group in order to focus on her solo career (wikipedia)