Pedro Almodovar short quotes

Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness. ---->>>

I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very differently. ---->>>

I think that there is always a part of utopia in any romantic relationship.

I think that there is always a part of utopia in any romantic relationship.

My mother was an extremely creative woman, despite the fact that she lived the life of a rural housewife. ---->>>

I used this line to demonstrate how important colors are in movies: It's not a caprice. ---->>>

The Flower of My Secret is definitely more based in true emotions. I also wanted to make something more realistic, but not naturalistic or simple. ---->>>

My first memory is of the eyes of my brother; he was looking at me all the time. ---->>>

I was born at a bad time for Spain, but a really good one for cinema. ---->>>

I'm an artist, and I'm part of every decision in a movie. ---->>>

Of course I want my films to look really good, but every single element is chosen for a reason. It's telling something in the story. ---->>>

All my movies are difficult to classify because they are very eclectic in mixing genres. ---->>>

I am partly not conscious of structure with my movies, but this is when I am writing. I leave my mind very free, and then I correct it after. ---->>>

I ask myself questions that journalists don't dare to ask or don't know how to ask. ---->>>

I think my films are always political, even if I don't put explicitly political things in them. ---->>>

In fact, it was the women in our house who were in the saddle. If men are the gods, women are not only the presidents but all the ministers of the government. ---->>>

Already when I was very young, I was a fabulador. I loved to give my own version of stories that everybody already knew. ---->>>

Before shooting, I prepare with the actors much more like it's a theater play than a movie. Apparently, that way of working is very unusual. ---->>>

Broadway musicals, where you sing the whole time, I really don't like; I like alternating dialogue and music. ---->>>

Cukor is one of my favorite directors. He was a master at directing women. ---->>>

If I'd lived like my characters, I would have been dead before I'd made 16 films. ---->>>

The 1980s really ended for me in 1992 with the film Kika. ---->>>

The life I live due to my work is difficult to share. ---->>>

Whenever I arrive on a real location, I have to move around and work out what the best angles are going to be. ---->>>

You can make a thousand different movies about the same subject. ---->>>

I remember myself at 10 years old telling stories to my sisters and brother. This is something I did through my adolescence and even through my twenties. ---->>>

With this silent film, I wanted to hide what was going on in the clinic. I wanted to cover it up in the best cinematic way and in an entertaining manner. ---->>>

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