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I definitely believe that art is the best way to produce social change. ---->>>

Architects often have a mindset where you solve a problem, so you have a set of needs that you have to address. Often I feel that my projects have to have concrete applications. ---->>>

In the end, a gun is an instrument to make someone surrender to your will or die, and music is exactly the opposite - it's seductive and invitational. ---->>>

A weapon kills people and makes people in cities dominated by fear. But if you turn it into an instrument, it's like social gold. It brings people together and you build trust. ---->>>

If people can keep track of all the celebrity gossip, there's no reason we can't also assimilate the key concepts of economic philosophy. ---->>>

The role of TV at the core of the family is that of an electric nanny. ---->>>


Nationality: Chilean
Born: 11-13, 1972
Occupation: Athlete