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I and others like me believe Timerman was chosen by President Kirshner, first as Argentina's U.N. ambassador and then as foreign minister, among other reasons because he does not hide his Jewishness and his relations with the Jewish community and, therefore, can be a 'fig leaf' for her policy. ---->>>

Argentina wouldn't exist if not for self-determination, and this can't be valid for some but not for others. ---->>>

It seems that Argentina is incapable of looking critically at its tragic military adventure in the Falklands. ---->>>

'Tiempos del Mundo' is insignificant as far as the newspaper market is concerned here in Buenos Aires. ---->>>

Why would we start demanding negotiations over sovereignty of the Falklands right now, 30 years since the war, and not 31 years or any other date? ---->>>

I sometimes question whether journalists here are being asked to take up roles that are not ours. I get calls from people complaining that their telephone is out of order or that electricity is cut, and I sometimes wonder why don't they call the telephone or electric company. ---->>>


Pepe Eliaschev profile (pepe-eliaschev.jpg)
Nationality: Argentinian
Born: 05-31, 1945
Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Die: 11-18, 2014
Occupation: Journalist

José Ricardo Eliaschev (31 May 1945 – 18 November 2014), better known as Pepe Eliaschev, was an Argentine journalist and writer. The author of ten books, he worked as a journalist and was well known for interviewing world figures such as Muhammad Ali, Ted Kennedy, Jorge Rafael Videla, Raúl Alfonsín, José Mujica, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa, Ernesto Sabato and Augusto Roa Bastos (wikipedia)