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Everybody likes a roller coaster ride. ---->>>

Everything I touch turns to gold. ---->>>

I don't mind losing, but I don't like losing to cheats. ---->>>

I think that's where reality TV works - you don't know where it's going. ---->>>

I'm not going to say that every record I've put out was the greatest record in history, but I'd stand by even the bad ones. Don't make excuses, make hits. ---->>>

I think Robbie Williams is an utter and complete prat. His last record was a pile of rubbish. ---->>>

Reality TV finds talented people. There are no scripts. The editing is what it's all about. Great editing makes those shows. ---->>>

Reality TV is here, it's been here really since the Carol Levis Discovery Show in 1957. It's never changed. It just looks a bit different. ---->>>

Give the public what they want. What you want is unimportant. ---->>>

If you're rude for television's sake, it ain't reality TV. ---->>>

There's a certain edge about cruelty. If you're honest about it, most people wince, but say it had to be said. ---->>>

It is dishonest the way that people suddenly think they've found guitars, and wear their guitar as a badge. ---->>>

Past is past. ---->>>

The public are not stupid. ---->>>

I laughed, even if I was the butt of the joke. ---->>>

I thought if Oasis could get away with sounding like The Beatles, I could get away with sounding like Abba. ---->>>

I was very cheap - that's the way I'd always worked. ---->>>

Certainly in the modern age where everything is glossed over, when somebody speaks their mind, the majority of the public go, I'd love to have said that. ---->>>

Spin Me Round was number one all over the world, everywhere. It changed the face of pop music, no question. We took technology further than Trevor Horn. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 01-15, 1947
Birthplace: Stoke Heath, Coventry, England
Occupation: Producer

Peter Alan "Pete" Waterman, OBE (born 15 January 1947) is an English record producer, songwriter, radio and club DJ, television presenter, president of Coventry Bears rugby league club and a keen railway enthusiast. As a member of the Stock Aitken Waterman songwriting team he wrote and produced many hit singles (wikipedia)