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I couldn't use Nest because it doesn't operate with high-end HVAC systems. ---->>>

I had learnt from my years of being in the services business, like networking and closely watching the early days of the Internet, that scale leads to many possibilities. ---->>>

Obviously there are positives to working in the epicenter of innovation. But there are also disadvantages. There is a groupthink mentality that goes on. Being based outside of Silicon Valley, you're not as subject to it. ---->>>

I'd love to see the secondary markets become more widespread in terms of their adoption. ---->>>

Risk and failure is a part of our equation, and if you are seeing too little failure, you are actually probably not taking enough risks. ---->>>

There's never been a good period of venture capital when prices weren't high. ---->>>

We talk to our partners in Silicon Valley every week, so we have a real sense of what goes on. ---->>>

I started my career at General Electric in a small office under a guy named Greg Liemandt, and his direct boss was Jack Welch. I would say those two have had the most profound impact on my career. ---->>>

We had this unbelievable faith that no business has done, quite frankly, and we tripped along the way doing it, but within two years, we were in 40-plus countries. So we ran at an amazing pace, and this is where venture capitalists play a role. Making Groupon into what it is today, we had no role in it; the entrepreneurs did it. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Occupation: Businessman

Peter Barris is an American businessman and venture capitalist. He is a founding Venture Capital Investor in Groupon. Barris is currently on the Board of Directors of nine companies; Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc., Echo Global Logistics, Inc., Groupon, Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc., InnerWorkings, Inc (wikipedia)