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If you don't belong somewhere, that outsider status you have gives you perspective. Of course, another word for outsider is 'exile,' and that's not fun at all. ---->>>

It's madness to hand in a script to a director, leave them alone, and for the director not to want the writer there with rehearsals and the shoot. ---->>>

There are people who are bound journalistically to a code of ethics that means they can't quote something that isn't sourced, whereas what I do is entirely unsourced. I effectively fictionalise history and yet somehow aim at a greater truth. ---->>>

If you have distance from the events, then your story can work as an analogy or parable rather than its literal narrative. ---->>>

Movies feel like work, and reading fiction feels like work, whereas reading nonfiction feels like pleasure. ---->>>

I'm not an artist, and I want to take risks, and when the possibility of failure occurs, it's because the idea is all exciting or interesting as a high wire act, and sometimes you've got to fall off, just by virtue of the fact that you're constantly trying to evolve and do new things. ---->>>

Generally, I read nonfiction. There's very little fiction that I enjoy enough to spend my time reading. I am generally a nonfiction guy. ---->>>

I wrote 'Hereafter' quickly and without mapping it out too much or being too schematic. As an exercise, I think that was incredibly important. ---->>>

I am not a politics wonk. I like the idea of my writing reflecting more about who I am or other people. ---->>>

I actually speak fluent German. And I live in Vienna, and I'm married to a Viennese woman. ---->>>

I'm not good at fantasy, no. I have been offered stuff, and I can't get my head around it. ---->>>

People test movies within an inch of their life so that the entire audience experience is a uniform one. ---->>>

The minute you become a leader of a country, you go into a very small club. You join that sort of pantheon of other world leaders. ---->>>

You can be far more challenging, articulate and intelligent writing for television than you can writing for the cinema. ---->>>

As a child, I grew up the son of German immigrant parents, so I grew up being teased and called 'Fritz' at school. When I married my wife and went to live in Vienna, I was teased for being a Brit. ---->>>

I don't understand and don't enjoy sci-fi, and it's just that if people aren't real, and they don't live in a real and recognizable society, I don't understand what to do. ---->>>

Once I start writing about somebody, I become very protective of them. ---->>>

You're either a person with a conscience, or you're not. I think I've got quite a fine conscience. ---->>>

I have no directing ambition whatsoever. And as long as I meet filmmakers like Tom Hooper, Stephen Frears, and others who allow that collaboration, I can't see why I would ever want to direct. ---->>>

The first and primary requirement for me in a director that I'd want to work with is: do they love writing, and do they love the collaboration process with writers? ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 04-10, 1963
Occupation: Writer

Peter Julian Robin Morgan CBE (born 10 April 1963) is a British film writer and playwright. Morgan is best known for writing the historical films and plays The Queen, Frost/Nixon, The Damned United and Rush. He is the creator of Netflix's drama series The Crown. In 2008, Morgan was ranked number 28 in The Telegraph's list of "The 100 most powerful people in British culture" (wikipedia)