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Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many. ---->>>

The mind ought sometimes to be diverted that it may return to better thinking. ---->>>

Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth. ---->>>

Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct. ---->>>

The intelligence of few perceives what has been carefully hidden in the recesses of the mind. ---->>>

An alliance with a powerful person is never safe. ---->>>

Gentleness is the antidote for cruelty. ---->>>

A learned man has always riches in himself. ---->>>

The only problem with seeing too much is that it makes you insane. ---->>>

Witticisms please as long as we keep them within boundaries, but pushed to excess they cause offense. ---->>>

Everyone is bound to bear patiently the results of his own example. ---->>>

In outward show so splendid and so vain; 'tis but a gilded block without a brain. ---->>>

Submit to the present evil, lest a greater one befall you. ---->>>

The bow kept taut will quickly break, kept loosely strung, it will serve you when you need it. ---->>>

Success tempts many to their ruin. ---->>>

Strangers he gulls, but friends make fun of him. ---->>>

That only is a disgrace to a man which he has deserved to suffer. ---->>>

Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt. ---->>>

It is the part of a fool to give advice to others and not himself to be on his guard. ---->>>

The humble are in danger when those in power disagree. ---->>>

I would rather not be a king than to forfeit my liberty. ---->>>

In a change of masters the poor change nothing except their master's name. ---->>>


Name: Phaedrus
Nationality: Roman
Born: 15 BC
Die: 50 AD
Occupation: Poet