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The moment that changed me for ever was when I had my first seminar with my history professor at the University of Sussex. I realised that history would answer all the questions I had spent my life asking. It was an extraordinary moment. ---->>>

Being a stepmother has worked out very well for me. I love my stepchildren very much. ---->>>

When I was a child I wanted to be a vet. I'd come home with "lost" kittens and dogs. My mother would tell me to put them back. ---->>>

I don't much like Singapore. It's very big, very modern and very urbanised. As a rule, I prefer older places where you get a sense of the history. ---->>>

For instance, I have never believed that there is only one person for each person in the world. It doesn't make the least sense to me. However, in reality, I fell in love at 45 and I am absolutely certain that my now husband is the only man in the world for me, a truth I find both ridiculous and uplifting. ---->>>

I love going to London for a couple of days but I need to be in the country. I like the silence, the smell and the seasonal changes, especially in spring and summer. I really feel that I belong there. ---->>>

I love reading and I love thinking - the reason that I love my books so much is that in order to write them I have to read and to think for years at a time about the same period of time. ---->>>

I would never lie to anyone about history. ---->>>

I try to go to the gym three times a week, and I swim, too. ---->>>

I would be very, very uncomfortable at teaching, at dreaming to teach, people things. ---->>>

The house I grew up in was a tall Victorian town house in Bristol. There were very big rooms, which were under-furnished and always cold. ---->>>

I like to do the research of history and the creativity of writing fiction. I am creating this thing which I think is twice as difficult as writing either history or fiction. ---->>>

Although some people think I am a romantic novelist I have always thought of myself as a rather gritty radical historian. ---->>>

At the end of the day, I'm writing in a genre that isn't highly regarded. ---->>>

I am in the interesting position of being sometimes skimmed by the critics and called literature and sometimes called historical fiction. ---->>>

I don't shop as much as a lot of people but I do like designer clothes. ---->>>

I like writing historical fiction. ---->>>

If I could change one thing about myself I'd be less highly strung. I find my sensibility quite high maintenance. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 01-09, 1954
Occupation: Writer

Philippa Gregory (born 9 January 1954) is an English historical novelist who has been publishing since 1987. The best known of her works is The Other Boleyn Girl (2001), which in 2002 won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the Romantic Novelists' Association and has been adapted into two separate films (wikipedia)