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I'm not too keen on jokes that are one-liners. I want the situation to be funny. ---->>>

I think cinema is the memory and the imagination of the country. Take the memory and imagination out of an individual, and he stops being an individual. I think it's the same thing for a country. ---->>>

In the province of Quebec where I come from, we speak French, and the only cosmopolitan city is Montreal. Every time we tackle the subject of immigration and racial tension, it's an issue that concerns Montreal. ---->>>

When I'm actually making a film and trying to find solutions, I like to watch making-of documentaries about huge films, like 'Gladiator.' That couldn't be more apart from what I'm doing, but you see Ridley Scott facing huge problems and fixing them. ---->>>

I studied political science and international relations, so I never considered myself an artist. ---->>>

I work, play and do everything in French. ---->>>

If you're writing a screenplay from scratch, it involves a lot of creation. ---->>>

In Canada, we have so much land, so much space, and so few people. ---->>>

Once you're on the set and shooting, it's all just cinema. You have actors and cameras. ---->>>

The first person to make me realize there was someone behind the film was Steven Spielberg. ---->>>

When you're younger, and you do your first or second film, you want to show everyone what you can do. ---->>>

I studied political science and international relations and had the intention of becoming a journalist or work in foreign affairs. I had no intention of making a film. ---->>>

I would love to write a script where the main character is a woman. I know I can direct a film where the main character is a woman. I cannot write that film. ---->>>

In Quebec, we're less inhibited artistically, culturally, politically. We're less focused on box office and comparing our films to the American films. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 06-21, 1968
Occupation: Director

Philippe Falardeau (born 1968 in Hull, Quebec) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter.(wikipedia)