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For the first 50 years of your life the food industry is trying to make you fat. Then, the second 50 years, the pharmaceutical industry is treating you for everything. ---->>>

I think it's better to be a woman with some curves. It's more natural. ---->>>

I go jogging for 25 minutes every morning, even if I'm away from home. ---->>>

I love Japanese and Thai food, especially seafood, and eat out with my wife two or three times a week. ---->>>

There is nothing unhealthy about educating youngsters about nutrition. ---->>>

I still live in an apartment in Paris with my wife. No, we don't have a yacht, but we do have a house in Spain; that is my luxury. ---->>>

Mine is the least fat diet in the world. ---->>>

Sugar is more present in America or England than it is in France. I think there is an addiction to sweetness. ---->>>

To be a nutritionist in France, you must be a doctor, seven years studies, and then three more years in nutrition. ---->>>

I think America and Britain have a different culture from France. They discovered marketing and consumerism before France. ---->>>

I've never seen an obese person who has said, 'I am well in my mind.' Happiness stops food being a compensation. ---->>>

If you love a man, immediately you will reduce your intake of food - it's automatic. ---->>>

Oh, in France you can't defame an idea, only a person. ---->>>

When followed correctly, the Dukan Diet is both a safe and effective method of weight loss. ---->>>

I am rich because I sell a lot of books, but it's not my drive. ---->>>

I like to feel occupied. ---->>>

If you put on weight it's not by chance. You put on weight because you eat compulsively. ---->>>

It's been proven that fitting more activity into your day can greatly improve your health. ---->>>

You never see a French person eating alone. ---->>>

Economic gross is making us fat. ---->>>

I am a doctor, a real doctor. ---->>>


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