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Paris is an ideal place to become informed, while Venice is a place to think and write. ---->>>

The bohemian life that reigned in Paris until the end of the '50s is gone. The artists had more time to think, to reflect; success didn't come so suddenly. ---->>>

Tinguely wasn't the first artist to work with machines. But others were more interested in precision, in what machines are meant to do. What made him different was the random element. He introduced the mechanical accident. He was always interested in the immaterial, in sound, smoke, speed, light, shadows. ---->>>

American museums have become cautious, because it is very hard to get money to do something different or controversial. ---->>>


Pontus Hulten profile (pontus-hulten.jpg)
Nationality: Swedish
Born: 06-21, 1924
Die: 10-26, 2006
Occupation: Educator

Karl Gunnar Vougt Pontus Hultén (21 June 1924 – 25 October 2006) was a Swedish art collector and museum director. Pontus Hultén is regarded as one of the most distinguished museum professionals of the twentieth century. He was the pioneering former head of the Museum for modern art in Stockholm and in the 1970s he was invited to participate in the creation of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, where he was its first director in 1974-1981 (wikipedia)