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Cartooning at its best is a fine art. I'm a cartoonist who works in the medium of animation, which also allows me to paint my cartoons. ---->>>

I had the X rating on my films. Now they do as much on The Simpsons as I got an X rating for Fritz the Cat. ---->>>

Animation is tremendously resilient. Animation will recover, as art always recovers. There's always cycles of good art. ---->>>

Wizards was my homage to Tolkien in the American idiom. I had read Tolkien, understood Tolkien, and wanted to do a sort of fantasy for American kids, and that was Wizards. ---->>>

What's most important in animation is the emotions and the ideas being portrayed. I'm a great believer of energy and emotion. ---->>>

You can't second-guess yourself as a filmmaker. ---->>>

As an artist, I want to interpret my feelings - not run across the street and ask what my mother thinks. ---->>>

Look what Disney's done to their animation department. There wasn't an animator in charge of their animation unit! ---->>>

Most of the animated films I watched, the emotions are all prepackaged like canned music, the hand actions, the sighs. ---->>>

I animated 20 years at Terry Toons. It's important to know that animators like pizza and a raise once in a while, and you've got to treat them with love. ---->>>

Live action writers will give you a structure, but who the hell is talking about structure? Animation is closer to jazz than some kind of classical stage structure. ---->>>

Film has to describe and show. ---->>>

I am not interested in slickness for the sake of slickness. ---->>>

I draw what I feel, which is no more than doing my job. ---->>>

I miss animation very passionately. Not continuously, but every once in a while I would die to do another film. ---->>>

I thought I had the rights to The Lord of the Rings. I don't know how Jackson ended up with the rights. ---->>>

I'm having the same problems today that I had when I first started, saying that outrageous adult animation works. ---->>>

I'm the first to admit that I can't be as good as Tolkien, and a movie can never be as good as Tolkien. ---->>>

Lord of the Rings made me realize that I'm not interested in doing anyone else's work. ---->>>

My good films were independent and my bad films were not. ---->>>

My movies continue to be found and be sold because there's something going on in them. ---->>>

Sweetheart, I'm the biggest ripped-off cartoonist in the history of the world, and that's all I'm going to say. ---->>>

All the old great companies were run by guys who knew what an animator meant, and guys who knew how to draw. All the companies today are run by executives. ---->>>

Painting pictures didn't make me a lot of money. I have to eat. ---->>>

They say I'm a revolutionary, but they're all wrong. ---->>>

Too many of Disney animators, and a lot try to emulate Disney, are trying to hit what they call quality levels. They're boring mannerisms. ---->>>

I would like to have the original ending to my Lord of the Rings instead of the one they released. In my original cut I had the victory at Helm's Deep as the final sequence. ---->>>

One of the best animated films I've seen come out of Disney was the Tarzan movie. I wasn't crazy about the story or the design on Tarzan's face, but the traditional animation was spectacular. ---->>>

The rise of anime had to happen. If the Japanese could tell better American stories, it would go through the roof. They still tell stories which are very much oriental. I take my hat off to them. ---->>>

Disney had such a hold on the mind of America-they were Adolf Hitler. The whole country thought Disney was some sort of god and that animation was some sort of pure thing for children. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-29, 1938
Birthplace: Haifa, Mandatory Palestine
Occupation: Director

Ralph Bakshi (born October 29, 1938) is an American director of animated and live-action films. In the 1970s, he established an alternative to mainstream animation through independent and adult-oriented productions. Between 1972 and 2015, he directed ten theatrically released feature films, six of which he wrote (wikipedia)