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I like new challenges and new experiences.

I like new challenges and new experiences.

On the streets, hanging out with the fellows, there are things you learn that no book can teach you. ---->>>

A friend told me about a Nike competition, where they give you one minute to do tricks with a basketball. I wasn't going to go, but they were giving away free sneakers. I ended up coming in second place. ---->>>

Basketball paid for four years of my education, and I am so proud of that. ---->>>

I don't really know much about cars. ---->>>

I grew up on Avenue C, and Tompkins Square Park was my park. That was where I played ball every day. I lived in that park. ---->>>

I love 'I Love Lucy,' and I have the DVD set of 'I Love Lucy.' ---->>>

I wasn't really excited about doing television, to be quite honest. ---->>>

My first celebrity crush... I had a huge crush on 'Cheetara' from 'ThunderCats.' ---->>>

The camera never lies, man. I've learned that. If you allow it, it will see right through you, which is kind of cool. ---->>>

To be honest, a lot of ride-alongs are not that great. There might be one or two calls on the radio - not a lot - depending on what time you go. ---->>>

Westerns are cool, man. I'm big on Westerns. I just love the grittiness. ---->>>

You don't make it anywhere without someone helping you out. ---->>>

Growing up in New York City, my car culture is minimal. I rode on the train, the bus. I walked; I rode my bike, and when I was younger, I rode my skateboard. ---->>>

I interned for the Knicks for one year doing community relations, but I absolutely hated it. It was a desk job, and the team was not good at all, and I didn't realize how much that correlated to the office. It was just gray, gloomy days. ---->>>

I played college basketball in West Virginia for two years, and then I graduated from NYU with a sports management degree because I realized the NBA's not going to happen. ---->>>

I spent a lot of time with the LAPD. I spent six weeks training, weapons training, ride-alongs, surveillance, interviewing them, in all different departments and divisions. ---->>>


Ramon Rodriguez profile (ramon-rodriguez.jpg)
Nationality: Puerto Rica
Born: 09-24, 1979
Birthplace: Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
Occupation: Actor

Ramón Rodríguez (born December 20, 1979) is a Puerto Rican actor known for his roles on the television series The Wire (2006–08) and Day Break (2006–07), and in the films Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009). He portrayed John Bosley on the short-lived ABC television reboot of Charlie's Angels (2011) (wikipedia)